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Eilat Mazar

Archaeologist Dr. Eilat Mazar in Jerusalem’s Old City in 2010.(photo credit: ABIR SULTAN/FLASH90)

Friday Church News Notes
     DEATH OF “THE QUEEN OF JERUSALEM ARCHAEOLOGY” (Friday Church News Notes, December 3, 2021,,, 866-295-4143) - Eilat Mazar (pronounced Elaat MAY-zur) died in May of this year at age 64. Described in various reports as “kind and gracious,” “an indomitable woman of strength and determination,” Mazar made groundbreaking discoveries, including David’s palace, part of Nehemiah’s wall, one of Solomon’s Jerusalem gates, and seals belonging to biblical figures. Her Ph.D. from the Hebrew University focused on ancient Phoenicia. She had a daughter and three sons by two marriages. Her second husband, archaeologist Yair.. Read More
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Isaiah’s Prophecy of the Suffering Messiah Dec. 2
     The following is excerpted from The Way of Life Commentary Series, Isaiah, -
Isaiah 52:13 - 53:12
    This amazing prophecy was written about 700 years before Jesus was born, yet it describes His suffering in great detail. Copies of the book of Isaiah found in the Dead Sea caves predate Jesus’ birth by 100-200 years. The Great Isaiah Scroll, which is nearly complete, dates to 150-200 BC, so even the most vehement skeptic cannot deny that the prophecies were written beforehand.
    At the heart of the second section of Isaiah (chapters 40-66) is the description of the Messiah’s atonement, because this lies at the heart of God’s plan of redemption. There can be no...
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The Bible Knowledge Test - Dec. 1
     We want to remind our readers of The Bible Knowledge Test, which is available in print and as a free eBook download at
The Bible Knowledge Test is designed to challenge God’s people as individuals and as churches about their level of Bible knowledge.
    After nearly 50 years of experience in the ministry, I have concluded that though Bible believers love the Bible as God’s Word, oftentimes they remain ignorant of it. They might read it from time to time. They might even read it regularly; they might even read it through from cover to cover annually, but they don’t understand it very well, because they aren’t effectual Bible students and they lack the necessary training and tools for..
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Suggested Sacred Music Recordings Nov. 30
     The philosophy of music is changing rapidly among fundamental Baptist and other fundamentalist churches. It is becoming popular to “adapt” contemporary praise songs by selecting ones with Scriptural lyrics and toning down the rhythm. This is being done by Majesty Music, Soundforth, Bob Jones University and its president Steve Pettit, and West Coast Baptist College, for example. They excuse the practice in various ways, such as likening the use of contemporary praise to the use of a Lutheran or Methodist hymn, but it is a different thing altogether. While I have never heard.. Read More
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Friday Church News Notes
     SYNAGOGUES CLOSING (Friday Church News Notes, November 26, 2021,,, 866-295-4143) - The Jews are returning to their land, and many synagogues have closed. Since the first decade of the 21st century, there have been no functioning synagogues in Calcutta, a city that once hosted a thriving Jewish community and five synagogues. The first Jew, Shalom Aharon Obadiah Cohen, arrived from Allepo, Syria, in 1792. He led in the building of the first synagogue, Neveh Shalome, in 1831. Beth El synagogue followed in 1856; Magen David, 1884; Magen Aboth, 1897; Shaare Rasson, 1933. The Calcutta Jews were led by merchants trading in cotton, jute, spices, and opium. By the mid-20th century there were 6,000 Jews, but they are gone now. They.. Read More
Bible Commentaries and Study Books Nov. 25
    This report was first published in 2004 and focused on commentaries. Starting with the March 2020 edition, the report is enlarged to include other Bible study books and tools. And in June 2020, it was enlarged to include recommend reading books on various subjects... Read More
Bible Separation a Fundamental of the Biblical Faith Nov. 24
    Separation from sin and error is a major teaching of the New Testament faith. It is not a suggestion or a “non-essential.” Those who reject or even ignore it are rejecting God’s Word and are moving toward apostasy.
    I am not a separatist by heritage or tradition. Growing up in the Southern Baptist Convention, I knew nothing about separation, either ecclesiastical separation or separation from the world. And as a student at Tennessee Temple in the 1970s, I was not taught much about ecclesiastical separation. It was not something that was emphasized.     I learned a testing mindset from the man who led me to Christ in 1973. He bought me a King James Bible and a Strong’s Concordance and taught me to study the Bible and to test everything..
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The Bible’s Strong Emphasis on Prayer Nov. 23
    Nothing is more important in the Christian life and ministry than effectual prayer.
    In light of the following Bible facts about prayer, it has rightly been said, “No prayer, no power; little prayer, little power; much prayer, much power.”
    Prayer is mentioned at least 550 times in the Bible, 174..
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Moradi, 83, an Afghan Jewish woman who fled Kabul this month with her relatives with the assistance of an Israeli aid group.

Friday Church News Notes
     LAST JEW DEPARTS AFGHANISTAN (Friday Church News Notes, November 19, 2021,,, 866-295-4143) - The following is excerpted from “No More Jews,” Israel Today, Nov. 11, 2021: “Following the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, Zebulon Simantov was said to be the last Jew in the country. However, reports now name 83-year-old Tova Moradi, who fled Afghanistan last month, as the holder of that title. Whoever was the last to leave, what is now certain is that Afghanistan has no more Jews [thanks to the Islamic Taliban]. The country once hosted a healthy Jewish community numbering some 50,000. Boaz Arad reports, ‘Tova Moradi and 124 other Afghans boarded an extraordinary evacuation flight from Mazar-i-Sharif. This flight was the final lap of a nerve wrecking operation run by Israeli volunteers. ... What was orig. supposed to be a land crossing through Tajikistan helped by Afghan contacts with the right connections in Taliban checkpoints.. Read More
Apostle Paul Interview
Interview With the Apostle Paul About the Trump Election Loss Nov. 18
    We appreciate your willingness, Paul, to be interviewed about the recent American presidential election.
    We believers are very thankful to God for how he has used you in all of our lives. You were a Christ hater, as you often testified, but God saved you, and you were called to be an apostle of Jesus Christ through the will of God. You were given mysteries that had been hidden in God throughout the previous ages of human history. You told of visiting heaven, which you called.. Read More
God holds the reins. He is using this present world system for His eternal purpose, and it will be finished exactly when God decides, to be replaced by Christ’s kingdom.
What the Bible Says About Wickedness in High Places Nov. 17
    The former title of this report was “What the Bible Says about the Wicked”
    The following is why dirty politics and conspiracies and corrupt schemes in high places can never long prevail and why the righteous should not fret at the prosperity of the wicked. God’s people are to trust in their God and do good and wait for Him, for He is the King who ruleth over all. Those who cannot do this should not profess to have faith in Christ and should admit that they don’t really the Bible. To do good in this present age is to focus on Christ’s Great Commission until He comes.. Read More
God’s Light and Salvation Through History Nov. 16
    Man has no excuse for not being saved. God planned salvation before the world was made and has worked it out in history. Christ is the “Lamb slain from the foundation of the world” (Re. 13:8). God “will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth” and Christ “gave himself a ransom for all” (1 Ti. 2-3-6).
    God sought Adam and Eve after their fall and personally taught them about the coming Saviour through prophecy (Ge. 3:15) and through the typology of clothing them in the skins that were acquired through the slaying of innocent animals (Ge. 3:21).
    Abel, Adam’s second son, was a prophet who preached salvation by grace through faith in the blood and death of an innocent substitute (Lu. 11:50-51).
    After God rejected Cain’s self-willed offering, He graciously reasoned with Cain and exhorted him not to let sin rule over him (Ge. 4:5-7)..
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Winsome Sears

Lieutenant Governor Winsome Sears
of Virginia, USA

Friday Church News Notes
     MORE EVIDENCE OF SYSTEMIC RACISM IN AMERICA: FIRST BLACK WOMAN ELECTED TO STATEWIDE OFFICE IN VIRGINIA, MORE BLACK MAYORS (Friday Church News Notes, November 12, 2021,,, 866-295-4143) - In yet more irrefutable proof of America’s systemic racism, Winsome Sears was elected lieutenant governor in Virginia on November 3, becoming the first black woman to hold statewide office in the commonwealth. Jason Miyares became the first Latino elected to attorney general in Virginia, and “people of color” won mayorships in New York City, Boston, Pittsburgh, Kansas City, and Cincinnati. Jamaican immigrant Winsome Sears is a U.S.. Read More

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