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The Satanic Attack on Sacred Music
  • Emotions and the Music Issue
  • The Spiritual Environment : The Church and Home
  • Music’s Role in the Great Changes
  • Bob Jones University, Majesty Music, New Reformed Calvinism, and the Gettys
  • Lancaster’s Role in the Downgrade
  • CCM a Bridge to Dangerous Waters
  • The Language of Music Styles
  • Congregational Singing and the Contemporary Music Issue
  • The History of Southern Gospel
  • The Music Issue in a Nutshell
Building a New Testament Church
    • Introduction
    • The House of God
    • A Spiritual House Made of Living Stones
    • A Regenerate, Faithful, Growing Church
    • A Purifying, Serving Church
    • A Ministering Body Church
    • A Missionary Church
    • Practical Steps (4 parts)
    • Conclusion
Steps to a Stronger Church in the 20th Century
    • Overview • Introduction
    • Leadership • Prayer
    • Salvation • Salvation Evidence
    • Membership • Standards
    • Evangelism • Church Planting
    • Where to Start
We ask that you prayerfully watch and consider the truths found in this series

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