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The Satanic Attack on Sacred Music Coming Soon….
  • Emotions and the Music Issue
  • The Spiritual Environment : The Church and Home
  • Music’s Role in the Great Changes
  • Bob Jones University, Majesty Music, New Reformed Calvinism, and the Gettys
  • Lancaster’s Role in the Downgrade
  • CCM a Bridge to Dangerous Waters
  • The Language of Music Styles
  • Congregational Singing and the Contemporary Music Issue
  • The History of Southern Gospel
  • The Music Issue in a Nutshell
Building a New Testament Church
    • Introduction
    • The House of God
    • A Spiritual House Made of Living Stones
    • A Regenerate, Faithful, Growing Church
    • A Purifying, Serving Church
    • A Ministering Body Church
    • A Missionary Church
    • Practical Steps (4 parts)
    • Conclusion
Steps to a Stronger Church in the 20th Century
    • Overview • Introduction
    • Leadership • Prayer
    • Salvation • Salvation Evidence
    • Membership • Standards
    • Evangelism • Church Planting
    • Where to Start
We ask that you prayerfully watch and consider the truths found in this series

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Sowing and Reaping: A Course in Evangelism
   A detailed and careful course in evangelism.
The History of the King James Bible
   Messages from a Bible Conference held in Singapore in recognition of the 400th anniversary of the publication of the King James Bible.
Why We Hold to the King James Bible
   An extensive defense of the King James Bible and refutation of the modern versions.