Biblical Separatism
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Biblical Separatism
This video series is great for use in Sunday School, Bible Classes, Meetings, etc. This series teaches on the doctrine of Biblical Separation. What is separation? Is separatism worth fighting over? Are there "essentials" and "non-essentials." Is teaching on separation a major part of the Word of God?

These lessons, presented by David Cloud at a Bible Conference in Manitoba Canada, provide a firm scriptural foundation on the doctrine of separation. Every Christian should know the Biblical principles presented in this series.

This high quality video series, which features hundreds of graphics and video clips, covers some of the material from our book "The Collapse of Separatism Among Fundamental Baptists," but it also features an extended and very practical study of the Bible’s teaching study on separation.

It deals with such things as the biblical doctrine of Christian unity, the corrupting power of compromising separation, identification of error and the naming of names as an essential part of separatism, “essential” and “nonessential” doctrine, where to draw the line in separation, the right attitude in separation, and the necessity of Spirit-led wisdom in the practice of separation.

Also available on disk for $29.95.

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1 The Collapse of Separatism
2 The Foundation of Separatism
3 The Treacherous Waters of Separatism
4 The Method of Separation
5 The Basis of Separation