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Biblical Separatism
This video series teaches the doctrine of biblical separation. What is separation? Is separatism worth fighting over? Are there "essentials" and "non-essentials." Is teaching on Separation a major part of the Word of God?
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Christ's Messages to the Seven Churches
It has been nearly 2,000 years since the Apostle John received Christ’s message to these churches, but never have the messages been any more pertinent than they are today. How would your church measure up under the gracious but penetrating eye of the Lord Jesus Christ? 
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Dressing for the Lord
Some of the topics covered in these two videos:
  • The Importance of Reproof
  • The Origin of Clothing
  • Clothing Is a Language
  • A Survey of Christian Men on the Subject of Women’s Dress
  • A Bible Study on Modesty 
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The Effectual Bible Student
This is a 12-hour series of video presentations plus an accompanying 106 page textbook containing a detailed outline to the course. It is our goal and passion to help God's people, including teenagers, become effectual Bible students.
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The Foreign Spirit of Contemporary Worship Music
Also available: Russian translation
This hard-hitting multi-media presentation, published in March 2012, documents the frightful spiritual compromise, heresy, and apostasy that permeates the field of contemporary worship music.
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Music for Good or Evil?
This multi-segment video series is packed with graphics, video clips, audio clips. It's available on DVD disks or as eVideo downloads.
Southern Gospel
Southern Gospel Music
This video is also found in the Music for Good or Evil set. (See above)
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Steps to a Stronger Church
Bible Conference, Berean Bible Baptist Church, Cavite, Philippines, Jan. 2018
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The Transformational Power of Contemporary Praise Music
This video is Segment #10 of the Music for Good or Evil video. (See above)
Trojan Horse
The Trojan Horse- Entering the Doors of Fundamental Baptist Churches
Most Fundamental Baptist pastors have no intent to lead their churches into an emerging type position. However, many of these same pastors do not recognize the emerging church's Trojan Horses that slip into the congregation undetected.

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