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The Effectual Bible Student
Free Video Series
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This is a 12-hour series of video presentations plus an accompanying textbook containing a detailed outline to the course. It is our goal and passion to help God's people, including teenagers, become effectual Bible students. 

The course, which is the product of 40 years of Bible study and teaching, has life-changing potential. It has four major sections:

(1) The spiritual requirements for effectual Bible study,
(2) Tips for daily Bible study,
(3) Principles of Bible interpretation, and
(4) How to use Bible study tools.

It also deals with using Bible study software on a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone.

It is a package consisting of the videos of the course and the textbook with review questions for testing. The course notes can be used as a standalone tool by teachers to teach church classes and home schooling programs or can be used for self-study.

Available on disk for $29.95.

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The Effectual Bible Student

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PDF eBook: Effectual Bible Student

Video Files
1 Introduction
2 Attitude & Spiritual Requirements
3 Spiritual Requirements, con't
4 Spiritual Requirements, con't
5 Bible Study, A Daily Habit
6 Bible Study, A Daily Habit
7 Rules for Interpretation
8 Rules for Interpretation, con't
9 Rules for Interpretation, con't
10 Rules, con't - Bible Study Tools
11 Bible Study Tools, con't
12 Overview - Bible Study Software
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