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Mastering the English Bible - Video Series

Job & Psalms

Picture: The Gospels
Free Video - Part 1
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Video Series (24 videos) for the course "Job & Psalms" (Mastering series)
A Bible Course package is available for this title. Package consist of Textbook, Syllabus, Review Questions, Tests, Answer Keys, and Grading Sheet.
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Titles of the 24 videos

01 Job & Psalms Introduction
02 Book of Job Introduction
03 A Skillful Bible Student; The Man, Job
04 Job’s Trials
05 Job's Wisdom
06 Building Strong NT Churches; Job's Friends
07 Job’s Friends, Part 2
08 Five characteristics; God's Speech
09 God's Speech, Part 2, Job Conclusion
10 Simple Lessons; The Book of Psalms Outline
11 Psalms, Major Themes
12 Church Attributes; Major Themes: God
13 Church Attributes; Maj. Themes: God, 2
14 Church Attributes; Maj.Themes: God, 3
15 Major Themes: Christ
16 Church Obedience; Christ, Part 2
17 Major Themes: Christ, Part 3
18 A N.T. Church?: The Word of God
19 Major Themes: The Word of God, Part 2
20 Living Stones, Afflictions of the Saints
21 Interpretation of the Psalms
22 Interpretation of the Psalms, Part 2
23 Interpretation of the Psalms, Part 3
24 Conclusion