Sowing and Reaping
The Effectual Bible Student
The Emerging Church is Coming

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• Dressing for the Lord
   The Importance of Reproof, The Origin of Clothing, Clothing Is a Language, Christian Men on the Subject of Women’s Dress, Modesty
• The Effectual Bible Student Free Download available
   A 12-part series on how to study the Bible. DVD set includes an accompanying textbook containing a detailed outline to the course.
Emerging Church is Coming, The
   A thorough examination the Emerging Church and what it means to you.
History of the King James Bible, The
   Messages from a Bible Conference held in Singapore in recognition of the 400th anniversary of the publication of the King James Bible.
Music for Good or Evil Free Download available
   A definitive series on music and it's impact on the church. Five DVD set.
New Age Tower of Babel
   Can you identify and refute the New Age movement? Here's important information.
Rhythm of Rock
   CCM is quickly taking over fundamental churches. Here's valuable information.
Southern Gospel Music
    This video is also one part of the Music for Good or Evil set.
Sowing and Reaping: A Course in Evangelism
   A detailed and careful course in evangelism.
Why We Hold to the King James Bible
   An extensive defense of the King James Bible and refutation of the modern versions.

Devotional and Childrens Videos

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For This I Thank Him
Based on a true story, this film will encourage and strengthen the faith of those whose lives are dedicated to serving the Savior..
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Ruth: Godliness in Friendship
Made especially for children, Ruth, Godliness in Friendship teaches children the Biblical perspective of true friendship.

Other Free Video Downloads

Foreign Spirit of Contemporary Worship Music, The
The spiritual compromise, heresy, and apostasy found in CCM.
Music for Good or Evil
A definitive series on music and it's impact on the church.
Transformational Power of Contemporary Praise Music
Can Contemporary Worship Music change the "traditional" Bible-believing church?
The Trojan Horse - Entering the Doors of Fundamental Baptist Churches
This series of messages will equip you to recognize the early steps of compromise, understand their dangers, and how to stand strong in the Faith. 10 part series.

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