Help and Questions

and some short answer questions.....


How long does it take to get my order?
Typical time to receive your order is 14-20 days. Foreign orders can take up to six weeks.

Why don't you provide tracking numbers on orders?
Most of our materials are sent via Media Mail and the U.S. Postal Service does not offer tracking on media mail services.

Web Site

How can I keep up with what's new?
There is a "Newest Items" link towards the top of the right hand column on the main page.

Where do your front page articles go? What's a Blog?
To find older articles look in the categories and archive folders in right column of front page. - Explanation: the front page of our website is a blog (web-log) which means that the articles are automatically "maintained" by the software. We assign one or more categories to each article is stored "in" that category. Additionally, the blog will only keep the latest five articles on the home (blog) page. As they get older they are automatically moved to the archive folders.

How do I print articles?
Our Blog (front page) has been setup to produce article only print. To print a single article on the front page, first click the Title of the article to get the complete article and then either click the "Print" link if there, or use the Print feature on your web browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, etc)

FBIS Mail List

How often do you publish/email FBIS articles?
Articles are typically published/emailed on Tues, Wed, and Thursday, with Friday Church News Notes going out on Friday. There is often a Saturday mailing which usually contains information on special sales. Periodically there will be a Monday mailing, though not very often.