Way of Life Literature - Sharing Policy

Way of Life’s content falls into two categories: sharable and non-sharable.

sharable policy is very generous. Things that we encourage our readers to share include our audio sermons, video presentations, O Timothy magazine, the free eBooks, and the hundreds of reports that we post at the web site. You are welcome to make copies of these at your own expense and share them with friends and family. You are also welcome to use excerpts from the articles. All we ask is that you give proper credit.

Under the
non-sharable category are items like the Fundamental Baptist Digital Library, the print editions of our books, the eBooks (other than the free ones), and the PowerPoint Presentations (such as those that are part of An Unshakeable Faith and Bible Times and Ancient Kingdoms). These items have been produced at enormous expense in time and money, and we use the income from the sale of these to help fund the ministry.

The Bible says, “Thou shalt not muzzle the ox that treadeth out the corn. And, The labourer is worthy of his reward” (1 Timothy 5:18).

We trust that your Christian honesty will preserve the integrity of this policy.

Free eBook Policy - Though free, note that the free eBooks are copyrighted. Our FREE eBooks may be given to others but MAY NOT be posted or distributed from other web sites or blogs. All books must remain completely intact with all text and copyright notices retained. eBooks are frequently updated. You'll always receive the latest copy from the Way of Life web site.

Questions? contact: support@wayoflife.org