How do I get my downloaded product into my app on my iPad?

We would hope that you already know how to use the iPad and how to obtain and use downloaded material as we cannot possibly test and give instruction on every app available.

We offer the following general tips and a few specifics using apps that we use.
Single media file downloads (.pdf, .mobi, .key, etc)

In general: Use Safari, Chrome or other browser to view/download file. You should know how to do downloads from within your browser. Different file types will be handled in different ways.

A pdf will probably display in your browser instead of downloading. To download a pdf that is showing on your iPad simply tap the pdf as you are viewing it and then tap "Open in iBooks" or "Open in." The "Open in" option will show you all apps that you have on your iPad that will do something with the PDF. For example, you can put the pdf file in Dropbox by selling the Dropbox icon. If you read a lot of PDF's checkout "GoodReader" and "iAnnotate" apps. Also checkout "BlueFire Reader." We've even used GoodReader to download, unzip, and play video files, all from within the single app.

info coming soon
Zip Files (compressed files)

Yes! You can download zip files, expand them, and use on the iPad. For example: Use Safari to download the zip file. It may not be apparent that anything is happening, (you may simply have a "blank" page, but the file does download and when done you are give the option to "Open In." You can then open the zip file in a "zip expander" app. We have successfully used the free "iZip" app to do this. Once the zip package is expanded you may then select one of the files (.mpr, .key, etc) and "Open in" the app of your choice. (Keynote for .key files, etc.)

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