Download Issues

How do I download books and videos?

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• Download Buttons (graphic buttons)

Please note that we are converting many download links from text links to graphic buttons. Simply click the Download Button icon and your file download will begin.

• Text Links

Downloading is a function of each individual browser (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari) and email program so exact methods vary. In general, you'll "right click" on a link and "save file" or "save target to disk." Newer programs have a "download manager" that will ask you what you want to do when you right click on it.

You can use your program's HELP feature to learn about downloading. You should know where your downloads go and you need to know how to "monitor" your downloads. (How many downloads are occurring and at what progress.)

Note that you typically CAN simply left click a graphic "Download" button as they are normally setup to "force download" a file with a simple click.

Common issues and things to remember:

1.) Simply left clicking a text link will probably NOT download a file. For example, most browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc) will SHOW a pdf file when you left click on the link but the file IS NOT DOWNLOADED. To download you need to right click.

2.) Some files (video) are very large and can take up to one hour to download.

3.) We suggest downloading files one at a time making sure each is done before you start another. DO NOT try to download several files at once.

4.) You will need software to view/play your downloaded file.

5.) What your system does with the downloaded file is based on your system setup. Some programs have options to "automatically play" (or open) the file once the download is complete.

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