How do I get my book on my Kindle?

Please remember.. It is not possible for us to own every make of computer nor every eBook reading device that is available. You should consult documentation and help for your particular situation. We do provide these helpful notes:

In general, there are three methods of transferring your .mobi (Kindle) eBook to your Kindle device. They are…

1.) USB Connection: Connect your Kindle to your computer via the USB cable. Move the book file to the Kindle documents folder located on the Kindle.

2.) Personal Documents Service via eMail - You can email your file (book) to your Amazon/Kindle account using your Kindle personal email address. The email puts the book into your Amazon/Kindle Library (Amazon Cloud) and the next time you sync to your Amazon account your book will download. Note that some eBook files may be too large for your email provider to accept.
Here is information at Amazon

3.) Personal Documents Service from your desktop (computer) - Obtain and install a "send to Kindle app" to send your book to your device from your Amazon Kindle account.
Here is general "send to Kindle" help on Amazon

Device Specific Help can be found on Amazon. If you own a Kindle you should become very familiar with your "Mange Your Kindle" page on your account. In your Kindle Library on Amazon your emailed books appear under "Personal Documents."

Amazon/Kindle Help
1.) Click on "Your Account" while logged into Amazon
2.) Click on "Manage your Kindle" from Pulldown or "Digital Content" section of the page.
3.) On left side column find "Kindle Support" section and click "Kindle Help Home"
4.) Select your specific device. (Such as "Kindle Touch")
5.) Look for the Transferring Files section.
6.) Note the "Transferring via USB " and "Sending Personal Documents" links
- "Transferring via USB" puts the file directly on your Kindle. It will not be in your Amazon cloud account.
- "Sending Personal Documents" tells how to send to your Amazon Account (Amazon Cloud) via email. The next time you sync it download to your Kindle.

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