Not Receiving Your FBIS Mailings?

If you are not receiving your Fundamental Baptist Information Service (FBIS) emails:

Note: DO NOT put one of our emails into your spam folder (thinking you can "filter out" certain types of messages.) That will tell your email provider that you consider us to be a spammer and you will stop getting emails from us.

1.) We cannot control whether you get your emails or not. Humans really are out of the loop.

2.) Re-Subscribing the same email address will not "re-start" your emails.
You must "fix" whatever is wrong - the reason your emails are not getting to you.

3.) Most likely you are not getting your emails because they are going to junk mail OR your mail service is rejecting them before they even get to your computer/device.

4.) In some cases your email may be "returned" to us as "non-deliverable".
This is called a "bounce." Eventually, if enough mail is returned to us, your account is made "in-active" and emails to your address will stop. The following are examples of things that will cause an email to be returned to us as "non-deliverable."
- email box is full
- email system on host is down
- you email provider has a size limit and the message exceeds it
- connection timeout due to high volumes of mail at mail server
- your email provider may trash the mail (if it thinks it's spam) before it ever gets to your computer.

5.) If you stop getting emails and you wish to continue receiving them, contact us right away at

What you can do to help make sure you receive emails.

• Add "" to your address book (this tells email systems that you know us and want our emails).

Consider setting up a "second" mail account from a free provider. Two opportunities to get your list mail is better than one. Gmail accounts seemingly work well. As info, we see many problems with "undeliverable" mail from Yahoo and Hotmail accounts.

• Check to see if your email program has a "security setting" (use it's help system). If so, see if you can relax the "security" settings so more mail will pass through..

• Contact your email provider and ask them to "whitelist" all "" emails - This would tell your host server to let all of our emails pass through regardless of your junk mail settings.

• Most internet companies provide Web Mail to access your mail account on the internet. See if you can log into Web Mail. Do you see if the emails are there? (Your email provider should be able to tell you how to do this.)  If the mailings are in web mail (your providers' mail server) then they are likely being dropped by your computers mail program.

Read our reports from the website.

• Check the website each day. We post each report on the front page.

• If you see reports on the website that you are not getting in your mail then please contact us so we can check your mail list subscription.

• Note that not every mailing is posted to the website. Reports are, but Saturday sales, O Timothy notices, and other notices are not posted to the website.

Questions? contact: