Not Receiving Your FBIS Mailings?

If you are not receiving your Fundamental Baptist Information Service (FBIS) emails:

1.) We use a professional email service for the FBIS emails.
You may read more HERE

2.) Re-Subscribing will not "re-start" your emails.
You are already sub-scribed! You must "fix" whatever is wrong - the reason your emails are not getting to you.

3.) Most likely you are not getting your emails because they are going to junk mail OR your mail service is trashing them before they even get to your computer/device.

4.) In certain cases your email will be "returned" as "non-deliverable" back to our email system.
This is called a "bounce." If your email is returned to us three or more times in 60 days your email is made "in-active" and emails to your address will stop. The following are examples of things that will cause an email to be returned to us as "non-deliverable."
- email box is full
- email system on host is down
- you email provider has a size limit and the message exceeds it
- connection timeout due to high volumes of mail at mail server
- spam system on the HOST (email provider, Not your computer) denies the email.

5.) See if you can start your mail again by using the "Change Subscriber Options" at the bottom of one of our emails.

6.) You can change your email address by using the "Change Subscriber Options" at the bottom of one of our emails. The use the "Edit Contact Information" link to change your email address.

• Check to see if your email program has a "security setting" (use it's help system). If so, see if you can relax the "security" settings so more mail will pass through..

• Try adding "" to your address book (this tells email systems that you know us).

• Contact your email provider and ask them to "whitelist" all "" emails - This would tell your host server to let all of our emails pass through regardless of your junk mail settings.

• Most internet companies provide Web Mail to access your mail account on the internet. See if you can log into Web Mail. Do you see if the emails are there? (Your email provider should be able to tell you how to do this.)  If the mailings are in web mail (your providers' mail server) then they are likely being dropped by your computers mail program.

• Consider receiving your FBIS new through our 
RSS feed. When the Friday News is posted to the web site it goes out through RSS. Many email programs handle RSS or you can use an RSS program.  You are almost sure to get all the mailings if you use RSS. I'd be happy to help you learn how do that.

• Lastly, You can simply get your news from the website each day. You can see all "back-issues" of Friday Church News by hitting the Friday News link on the front page. You can use the "Categories" links (down the right hand column) to look at specific topics.

Questions? contact: