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From Bro. Cloud's Mailbox - March 2021
March 24, 2021
David Cloud, Way of Life Literature, P.O. Box 610368, Port Huron, MI 48061
From time to time, I publish some of the goodies from my mailbox, since many people have told me that they enjoy reading these things.


“ I just read ‘Churches Must Address Fundamentals, Not Symptoms,’ and I just want to say, AMEN, AMEN, AMEN!!! Thank God He has not left Himself without a witness, and there are some people who still see it! May He enable those of us who do see it to LIVE what we know is right!”

“The purpose of writing this email, apart from expressing my gratitude and appreciation to the Lord for resources you have provided for church, is to let you know that my wife and I subscribe to the Way of Life Literature bulletins from our personal emails. We love them and make much use of them when we can. One particular email titled ‘A Biblical Test of the Spiritual Reality of a Church’ really impressed on my heart in a post covid 19 lockdown then reopening of the church, where we had have been focusing on getting our people back to church, on numbers, it served as a good reminder of the direction we as a church should be praying. Our mid-week service is on Thursday nights, and at the beginning of each month we print an updated prayer sheet for our members. I decided to use the information from that email and put it in a prayer request in addition to our prayer sheet. I also printed and laminated a copy to keep near my desk as a reminder.  I explain all that, to say that since the beginning of July, we’ve been praying for those specific items. My training and experience in the ministry has been so short, but I am so amazed at the answer to prayer. We began a Bible class ‘The Life of Paul 1’ ... with 19 serious Bible students on Saturday July 18. We are also using the  Advanced Bible Study Series: Acts, each student having a copy. We have also had 2 testimonies of teenagers who were observed standing up for their convictions in music standards and keeping calm in the midst of conflict. This past Sunday, July 19, we baptised 6 people who had been saved, some several years ago, others last year and early this year and had yet taken the next step to be baptized.  On August  15, we will be having a preaching competition for the junior and senior young boys in our church. These all happened so suddenly, after we started praying!!! As a pastor I am truly rejoicing  to see how the Lord has responded and wanted to share this with you. Thank you for being an instrument for the Lord, may He continue to direct and bless you.”

“I've just finished a study on Daniel using your commentary as one resource. It was excellent! Same for Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel. Your writing ministry is a blessing.”

“I am currently taking your course ‘The Satanic Attack On Sacred Music.' It is a real blessing in knowing that there are people in this day and age that take a stand on the right kind of music. May the Lord richly bless you.”

“Thanks a lot. Now we are using your books in our Bible institute here in the Philippines.”

“Amen Brother Cloud, Amen and Amen.” [“A Prayer for America,” Aug. 6, 2020]

“AMEN! Excellent. Thank You!” [“A Prayer for America,” Aug. 6, 2020]

“Excellent, brother! I regularly pray for every key leader in my life by name. You gave me some ideas for better depth of thought and heart. I’m highlighting this email for future reference. Thanks!” [“A Prayer for America,” Aug. 6, 2020]

Your material on Bible Times and Ancient Kingdoms is AWESOME. We have been using it in our SSchool. PLUS, I have been using your material on the 7 Churches of Revelation. That has been an added blessing to me, KNOWING that God indeed KNOWS OUR WORKS. He knows where we are and what we are doing. From the onset my prayer is to pay close attention to what He Commends, as well Condemns. Thank You!”

“I am reading this Bible Times & Ancient Kingdoms as fast as I can!  It is absolutely excellent. Thank you for making it available at such a reasonable price. Keep up the good work. Your faithfulness to the Lord is a constant encouragement.”

“I am writing to let you know that I am on page 284 in The New Age Tower of Babel book. I was caught in a situation the end of June naively and was encouraged to read this book. I am grateful for it; it is a long book but easy to understand. THANK YOU for writing this book. I can’t imagine the hours you put into this book in research. I am grateful for your time and wanted you to know. I am also ready for the Lord’s return!”

“I find this article VERY CHALLENGING to do more reaching out to the lost. ... This is one of these articles I want to hang onto and use later.” [“A New Testament Church Is an Antioch Church,” Aug. 19, 2020]

“Thanks for this most useful apologetics course!” [
An Unshakeable Faith: An Apologetics Course]

“I thank God for this clear and desperately needed word from God's Word for His people in these last days of apostasy before the return of Christ and he unveiling of Antichrist. So few 'preachers' today have any concept of this, much less want it or are willing to preach and live it publicly. God give us the strength and fortitude to be faithful to the Faith in this day of neutrality and compromise.” [“A New Testament Church Is a Purifying Church,” Aug. 25, 2020]

“I am writing this e-mail from Budapest, Hungary, Europe for thanking this effort you put in the books you have published and shared. It was God's providence how I stumbled into this and with a divine goal that I must be more strong for future challenges such us church ministry and eventually starting my own family. I save constantly your books on my desktop as if there is no internet tomorrow! For this I find this bookstore a treasure trove and it is not possible to express with words how much you helped me with this! I think in the last month I downloaded or purchased 30-35 ebooks and dig deep in the topic of New Evangelicalism, Emerging Church, Discipling church, CCM, Women service unto God, starting with the book:
Separation: It's doctrine and practice and I feel this is the starting book as God guided me to this book first. I can't express my gratitude to God how much happy I am that I got rid of this evangelical dark yoke that makes countless kinds of pressure on the shoulders among christians in christian ministry, dating, dressing, worship, way of thinking, attitude in church, path of ministries, ecumenical fellowships and more. I have to say since I was born again in 2013 I had in these topics many many fears and burden to carry and I never had a peace of conscious, neither assurance in these topic. ... Hungary went almost completely secular. In ‘better days’ it was 65% catholic and 20% protestant country but nowadays the atheism grows. ... Anyway I wanted to thank you the whole package about the surrounding christian world and I feel myself woke up from a deep dream that I always felt there is something wrong about.”

“I recently purchased
Understanding the Bible for Yourself, and I am about halfway through the book.  I am really benefiting from it, and I thank you for writing it. I pray for you and your ministry on a regular basis. May the Good Lord Bless You and Yours.”

“I've been reading your book on New Evangelicalism with much profit.”

“Translating your
Unshakable Faith book has made me more keenly appreciative of understanding the wave of apostasy from the 19th century and how we are where we are.”

“I admire your much needed work. You are bold in your defense of the Bible as we no doubt approach the end of time.”

“I am using the ‘How to lose your child before he is 5 years old’ section of your book on Keeping the Kids to preach on family relationship and child rearing right now.”

“I value your insight and opinion – and all the teaching, and the materials you’ve made available over the years. We count your ministry as perhaps the greatest blessing we’ve enjoyed on this amazing journey.”

“Thank you for your article on Mr. Finney. I knew his methodology has inoculated many to the truth even today. I had not studied him enough to realize how tied to false doctrines his production of false professions is. I moved from what I call the Hyles style of evangelism several years ago. I see less profession, but more possession. Again, thank you for your emails.”

“I thank the Lord for you and the blessings I am enjoying thru you. The training in Expository Preaching has been, perhaps, the greatest blessing in my life. This has been a very great blessing for my personal studies and message preparing too.” [See
The Preacher’s Preaching, https://www.wayoflife.org/free-evideo/ ]

“These expository notes and commentaries are worth more than the price that has been marked. Thank you very much for your tremendous work that has been put in these by God’s help.”

“I’m in one room reading Isaiah with your commentary, while my wife is at her desk reading Ezekiel with your commentary. We can both say, with zero doubt, that there is no commentary on earth that we trust more than yours--and we’ve seen (and own) several others of great renown. Meanwhile, my wife and daughter are doing your Seekers Bible study via FaceTime. That is a priceless gift. It still is difficult to fathom how you’ve written all of these books and articles in a few short decades. We are most grateful. Sound doctrine is exceedingly rare these days.”

“I received my copy of your book
History and Heritage of Fundamentalism. I started reading it immediately and I will using it in my church for a lot of teaching.  Thank you for all the hard work that went into the research and writing of the book.”

“I’ve read through the
21 Steps Toward a Stronger Church but had not had a chance to watch the preaching videos. It’s some excellent material and I’ve been asking the Holy Spirit to give me wisdom and power to apply the sort of discipleship and teaching that will strengthen us to stand through this wicked century.”

“I am going to be as brief as I possibly can while at the same time giving honor to the word of God when God said, through the Apostle Paul ‘Let him that is taught in the word communicate unto him that teacheth in all things.’ Galatians 6:6. I have been the beneficiary of your ministry for over twenty years, but have never taken the opportunity, until now, to express my appreciation for it. ... at about the mid-point of my brief tenure there as pastor, I came to the full realization that my Bible education was seriously lacking and that my people were not spiritually maturing. How could they? Their pastor wasn’t maturing, either. I was determined to do something about it and that is where your ministry started to be such an invaluable asset to me. Although I was counseled, albeit somewhat mildly, against your ministry (apparently you have some detractors) I have always found your teaching to be completely Scriptural as well as balanced with grace while simultaneously, and unapologetically, exposing error such as those that I had learned when I first became a Baptist. I suppose that it would take a small volume for me to mention all of the many Way of Life materials that have caused me to grow and mature spiritually over the years, but here is where I would like to take a moment to mention but a few. FIRST, even before I entered the pastorate, I purchased the Way of Life Encyclopedia of the Bible & Christianity (4
th edition). To this day I find it to be invaluable as a reference and learning tool. ... LASTLY, I just finished reading The History and Heritage of Fundamentalism and Fundamental Baptists. There is much I could say about this work, but the final chapter is by far, in my estimation, the most important as it clearly expresses the attitude every New Testament church must have in these last days. Thank you again, Brother Cloud.”

“Really love your Encyclopedia. It’s a fantastic resource. Even if it doesn’t cover the details of what I’m looking for, it gives me the passages so that I can do it myself. Thanks for writing it.”

“Thanks so much for all of the hard work you have put into the resources on your website. I have benefited greatly from them and have used them to help teach my family also. ... While I have been saved since I was 21 and in church and also attended two diff Bible Colleges while being an active member of a Bible preaching church for the past 30 years I still feel so very ignorant of God's Word. That was no one’s fault but my own. Your material on the website and YouTube has made a real difference in beginning the journey of becoming a serious and consistent Bible student.”

“I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am to the Lord for men such as yourself and those you’re building up who have and are faithfully preaching and teaching and sharing the gospel and so much information that’s provided through this ministry. ... You are such an encouragement, the boldness with which you declare by the word of God. Thank you, many, many thanks for your love, and service to the Lord Jesus Christ. May God richly bless you, sir, dear brother, and your house.”

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all you have done on behalf of the Gospel. I remember reading your material during the earliest days of the internet during my lunch period when I taught public school over twenty years ago. Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks and keep up the good work. I  initially started out into ministry but got sidetracked thirty years ago. ... Your work during the advent of the Internet was astoundingly well researched and was amazing during those early days. It gave me many hours of comfort, and now I can see God used that time and your writings during that time to give me a crash course in many subjects that most of the net still hasn't caught onto.”

“I was thrilled to get the two most recent book offerings by way of a download—the History of Fundamentalism and the WOL Bible Encyclopedia. It has been several years since I have gotten an upgrade of the Encyclopedia, but this one works very well on my new computer, and I am excited now to be able to use it. Thank you for laboring so much to make these resources available to us, and especially in the e-book format. Shipping to Australia is very expensive and various books are piling up back at my home church waiting to be shipped. In this format it only took a few minutes for me to get what I needed here, and I am so grateful. I can’t wait to read the History on Fundamentalism and to use the Encyclopedia in my studies here.”

“We so appreciated your class from last week [
Understanding the Bible for Yourself]. My three older children have all testified how this class is permanently changing their lives and study habits. I can add my testimony to that. I have been similarly changed by your work, by the grace of God.”

“Thank you for this great article [‘Darwin’s Errors’]. Every minister and believer should read & study it. So profoundly simple and simply profound. It is an honor to receive your studies.”

“I have been receiving your
Friday Church News Notes and O Timothy for many years now, after I found you on the internet. I have ordered a lot of your books printed and in pdf form. We used them in many ways in our church. We have been blessed a lot by God through your ministry.”

“I hope this email finds you doing well. Thank you for your faithfulness to share your research each week in the Friday News Notes. Also, I want to thank you for the book,
21 Steps to a Stronger Church. My Dad just gave me a copy, and I am excited to read it. We continue to work to strengthen things here. Thank you for staying the course and ministering to Christians and pastors through your writing. It is greatly appreciated.”

“I just wanted to thank you so much for your decades of work and for never compromising on speaking the truth. Also, I wanted to tell you our family has been blessed by your ministry. Your ebooks are excellent - so thorough and so much wisdom. The Pastor at our (Independent Fundamental Baptist) church said everything you say is spot on when I asked him about you. He recommended watching some of your videos, which I have done. Wow, between Pastor and yourself, being fed the right stuff has made a world of difference to us! So much has changed in our lives in the past few months coming out of an evangelical church and now being taught the whole counsel of God.”

“Your videos have been a great encouragemnet to me, personally. I have particularly appreciated your messages on the emerging church and contemporary Chrisitan music and am in full agreement. How this message needs to go out! I will be recommending these programs in my next prayer letter.”

“Thank you very much for your faithful and bold teaching of God's Word. Your materials have been a great blessing to me over many years. In relation to music you opened our eyes to the deceptiveness of people producing bridge music like the Gettys and we immediately stopped using their (and other similar people you warned about) music. Thank you very much for standing for the truth.”

“Thank you very much for this. [‘The Effectual Preacher Is a Reader’] It hits home. I read extensively, yet am convinced that I can do better. This encourages me to do so.”

“Just finished your new book on the history of fundamentalism [
The History and Heritage of Fundamentalism and Fundamental Baptists]. Thank you for your labour therein. I am getting a much clearer picture of the history and the weaknesses of even the great names, for us to be on guard. It connected coherently for me so many persons, schools, denominations, etc. many of which were like puzzle pieces before in my mind.”

“Just want to thank you for the excellent information that you provide on your website. I have learned much from your website and the information that you present on it.”

“I am loving your Bible Times and Ancient Kingdoms book. I will be covering Exodus next week, and your chapter on Ancient Egypt is loaded with great information and packaged in such a way that I do not have to read through critical and neo-evangelical analysis. I really appreciate your diligence in research and study.”

“Last night I finished your ebook on the
History and Heritage of Fundamentalism. Lots of information. Learned much. Every man headed into the ministry in the States should read it, in my opinion. Thanks for all the work you do writing.”

“Thank you for your stance on sacred music. [‘A New Testament Church Is Careful about Music’] This is the best report you have rendered on this topic!  Contemporary worship music  grieves the Holy Spirit. Thank you for earnestly contending for the faith!”

“Just a note to thank you for all of the great reading that I have enjoyed over the years from the writings from Way of Life Literature.”

“I wish every Calvinist would read this, It proves the absurdity of that doctrine.” [“Calvinist Standard Version,” Dec. 9, 2020]

“I’m using your
The Future According to the Bible in my Sunday School adult class. I love studying future things because I believe it helps ground us in the present. ... Christians, of all people, need to be aware of the times and understand what is coming.”

“Thank you and thank you again for exposing Calvinism for what it is! I recently taught about Calvinism in my adult Sunday school class and found how little these church members understood about this subject. Older ‘mature’ believers stated, ‘I always wondered what Calvinism was really about.’”

“I believe your recent article on the church fathers and the one today [‘Calvinism on the March’] are two of the most relevant and helpful articles you’ve written. Much appreciated and much respect.”

“Thank you for defending the truth, and continuing to report the truth about Calvinism. I got caught in a Calvinist church for 2 1/2 years, and have escaped because of your writings.”

“Thank you for working so hard in research to keep us all informed.”

“Calvinism is taught in churches and people are becoming calvinist without knowing it. ... Anyways, you have a great article [‘Calvinism on the March,’ Dec. 10, 2020] and I appreciate all you do. Almost every week I want to forward your articles to people I know.”

“I want to take a minute and thank you for the excellent materials you have made available for fellow believers. I am still reading through your massive and scholarly work,
Bible Times and Ancient Kingdoms. A wealth of carefully researched information in a format that always reminds the reader of how these kingdoms fit into the overall plan of God. I pretty much wore out my print copy of Faith vs. the Modern Bible Versions, so I recently bought the PDF of the same book. While not as convenient in some ways as a print book, it is easier to search, mark and use for reference. Money well spent! Thanks, also, for the wealth of information you make available for free. I have profited from your labors and I thank you and praise God for your faithfulness.”

“Thank you. Your ministry is a blessing to us. My husband is an independent fundamental preacher.”

“I thank you for your books, materials, and emails. Thank you for
Jews in Fighter Jets and The Discipling Church especially. You have been and continue to be a blessing in this day of unprecedented compromise, sometimes even among the once faithful!”

“Thank you for all of your writings, and the work that goes into them. I have bought several of your books, they are excellent. We have been with our church 12 years and counting.”

“I just want to thank you for your voice on many issues. You have been a blessing to me, my family, and several of my Christian friends around the world.”

“I LOVE YOUR WEBSITE.  I was A Devout catholic for 50 years and finally got saved and I totally speak out against the cult. I witness to hundreds of Catholics.”


“The article entitled ‘The Divorced Pastor’ is a real God-send.  ... But what thrills me, is that (as a ‘young’ man – I am now 38 years old) I have waited for 20 years to hear this so clearly articulated, and that from an honourable preacher of the Word of God! I refer here particularly to the ‘called to preach’ does not equate to ‘called to pastor’ business. ...  Thank you, dear servant of the Lord.  I am most grateful to the Lord for your ministry.  Please KEEP FIGHTING in the Strength that God supplies through His Son and by His Spirit.”

“Tremendous article! [‘The Divorced Pastor’] A much needed response to this growing problem in the ministry.  I like your last paragraph that a call to preach is not necessarily a call to pastor.”

“I want to thank you for your diligent labor and service in writing
The History and Heritage of Fundamentalism and Fundamental Baptists. It has been of great personal edification, and invaluable in preparing my notes for a class on Church History that I am teaching at our Bible College in ------. I have appreciated how you not only mention what happened, but evaluate it from a Biblical perspective. I believe your comments on the failure of Fundamentalism in regard to Biblical separation is very important.”

“Dear Bro. Cloud--Thanks for The Divorced Pastor article, I agree with every word and pray churches would get back to obeying God's Holy Word. We do pray for you, family and your ministry”

“Just wanted to tell you thank you for the material/information that you put out. Bible Believing Christians need this information. Keep defending the faith.”

“I utilize your materials daily in my studies and am using 
Sowing and Reaping for Sunday School as I prepare to encourage the church back into aggressive evangelism (which has diminished over the years). I would like to again thank you for your writing ministry. It has been a great encouragement and resource to me, my family, and now the church the Lord has placed me over. Thank you for your faithfulness to the Lord. I have a list of pastors and missionaries that I pray for regularly and you are on my list. May the Lord bless you!”

“Thanks for again for your work David standing on the truths on God’s word! Thanks for not budging!! Really appreciated your last video series on Music [
Satanic Attack on Sacred Music]. Definitely a defining issue of our times.”

“Thank you for this very needed article on Christian drinking. It is hard to believe Christians are fine with alcohol, which is probably the one physical substance that has caused more sorrow and suffering than any other. Sadly, I know a young Christian who, during a time away from the Lord, was introduced to drinking by his ‘pastor’! He said that where he lived in Texas most  "Christians" didn't even know that some Christians believed drinking was wrong.”

“My family and I pray for you and rejoice in your work and testimony.  Most of those with whom I grew up have turned to ‘Christian’ social drinking.  The sad reality is their parents, children of the 70s, were saved out of short skirts, long hair, and booze. They turned to God and rejected those idols. Now the children of those saved parents are returned to these sins, and have taught them to their children. What a shame! Is it any wonder it appears God is leaving America behind? On booze, I think there is another really strong evidence.  That is the testimony of booze in the narrative.  Alcohol shows up five times in the Bible where it is a specific part of the narrative.  Each time it is an ugly and awful mess.  If booze gladdens the heart, as the corrupt proponents claim, shouldn't we see good narratives around alcohol? The five times are; Noah, Lot, Nadab and Abihu, Nabal, and Uriah.  Each time is ugly, violent, or perverse, with long lasting results.  Attached is part of a message I preached on these five examples.”

Thank you for the good information on drinking. I recently sought to join a KJV Independent Baptist Church that is very strong in many ways. I ultimately did not join because the pastor, his wife, and various church members drink in ‘moderation’ and believe that this is Biblical.  I had a respectful discussion on this subject with the pastor over a period of months. ... I have profited greatly from much of your literature. You are in my daily prayers.”

“I want you to know of your continued influence in my life and the lives of ABC students. Keep fighting the ‘good fight.’”

long with this Corona report [‘Covid Good and Odd News’], the church here is being asked to read your fabulous work on January 7 (Is America a Christian Nation?). The history of George Washington in paragraphs 18-21 is worth a lot to me ... exposing the folly of our two-party political system from the beginning. ... Bless you, brother. What you provide is very helpful to me and others! Keep fighting and finish your race well, and I will do the same by His grace.”

“I am a 1972 BJU grad.  The info about the Hymns & Hops event in Greenville was very interesting. On a BJU Alumni discussion page, I posted a few sentences about the Hymns and Hops gathering in order to get more info and already 90 people have commented. Sadly I learned that a 2008 BJU grad  is very involved. It seems to me that many older BJU alumni are very grieved about this, and some of the younger adults are ok with it. Just thought i'd share this info with y’all.”

“In ‘America a Christian Nation?’ you wrote, ‘America is a nation deeply influenced by Christianity and the Bible, but this does not add up to a Christian nation.’ Well said, Bro. Cloud!  I deeply appreciate your ministry.”

“I think Medved is mostly wrong. And focusing on the term landslide is pointless. 1984 was the last time we had one of those and if Trump had one Dem cheating couldn't have overcome it. What the Dems did was focused cheating in specific states, four that were important, to make sure they won. I Believe trump won those states but not enough to overcome the combined cheating if the Dem party, their activists on the bench and in the bureaucracy of those states, and the press. Having said that, it doesn't matter like prayer, the Bible, holy living, witnessing and faithfulness at church. Those are the things that matter eternally. Those are the things God has called me to. Elections are what they are. Living for God is of eternal importance. And I am loyal to men who also live for God and seek to encourage others to do so as well. Like you. Your work will show up at the judgment seat of Christ. Battling election results will not. Besides, I've never been a person who thought everyone had to agree with me about everything. That way lies bitterness and loneliness. I still read Medved though I disagree with him about a third of the time. But he's his own person with his own mind and I don't expect full agreement. It is sad that Christians would cut one another off over factual political disputes. Talk about wrong priorities. That's a perfect example of it. And feel free to quote me if you wish.”

“Thank you for the good report in Friday News on January 29th. I believe you were spot on, and it is disturbing to see so many of my fellow conservative independent Baptists so pumped up for Donald Trump--seems like a Hyles-like devotion. Yes, I’m thankful for what he was able to accomplish, but deeply disturbed by his arrogance, pride, and pandering to the LGBTQ community. I’ll never forget his statement regarding himself being the most LGBTQ friendly President. Your materials have been a blessing to our church-planting endeavor in South Africa.”


“A Godly counsel.”

“Those were good [articles]. Of course I wanted him to win and I want peace as long as we can have it. But I also realize we are way overdue for what’s coming.”

“Bro. Cloud, A good response [about the 2020 presidential election]. Having been in the US for 22 years from South Africa, I am disappointed in some of the believers in this country after seeing their behavior and attitude over the last three or so months. Do they not think that the Lord placed the new administration in power? Romans 13:1. Do they not think that things won't go well for them with rebellion and talk of revolution? Romans 13:2. I've lived in two terrorist countries and fought in a bush war and all I hear here is ‘our Christian rights.’ I can't find that in Scripture. I posted on FB., ‘With the new administration, Romans 13:1 still applies.’ I got pushback and these people showed their true colors. Besides having Q being spoken of like a ‘prophet’ over the last few years - yawn, the new talk is President Trump is going to form a new party so we don't have to obey this”'illegitimate President’ because the election was a fraud--there was cheating, stealing of ballots blah, blah, blah. I asked them if they thought there wasn’t the same and worse in China, Russia, Iran, Iraq, most of the sub-Saharan black run countries where in some of those countries, they don’t even have elections but Romans 13:1 still applies. Some of them seem to think the US has a special covenant with God and is exempt from certain portions of Scripture. Some think that the US is going to be a shining light and bless the world. That is reserved for Israel later. Where did this wrong teaching come from - 1st Imaginations I guess. I have total peace with the change in administration, thank the Lord. And as one Pastor replied when asked what do we do now with the new administration, ‘Do what we did before, preach the gospel.’ You know all the Scriptures about what a believer's attitude to authority should be and what limits the authority has over the believer but a lot of Christians don't seem to know or want to know. Thanks again for a clear scriptural response.”

“Excellent articles, Brother. I believe that you are right on target.”

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful resources you offer. I'm a believer from overseas who greatly enjoys many of your encouragements and reproves. I wanted to post something in regards to political issues in the US because it affects all of us worldwide. It bothers how people reacted negatively to your political stance, especially Trump ones. I think many believers have some sort of personality cult in regards to that man, they cannot accept criticism even though Mister Trump had visible flaws when addressing the public online. Same situation happens with fangirls and pop groups, the members of a boy band can do no wrong in the sight of fans even if they have drugs and violent scandals, all type of celebrities with big following are coddled. We as humans seem to be prone to adulate public figures and oftentimes we try to overlook huge flaws. I thank you for your take on conservative figures. As much as I'm pro-conservative, I've noticed how God is absent from most of their speech. They have great points, good morality. But all is meaningless if God isn't central. Most of conservatives mention good points but it's all self-righteousness. We can't have morality without God. Also they cave in and accept same-sex attraction, they endorse filthy rappers whenever one of them says something remotely acceptable. I hope you won't be discouraged by people that have wrongly criticized you for political perspectives, majority of Trump voters cannot understand how much the man is disliked worldwide and inside the US, they can't accept the fact that Trump supporters are in minority. Hope you won't be influenced by this and continue to stand strong in your views.”

“Great article. [‘Rush Limbaugh and Christian Dittoheads’]. Certain listeners of talk radio need to learn to keep Rush Limbaugh and ALL conservative talkers within their proper context. They are NOT our Pastors, they are NOT our Sunday School Teachers, they are NOT our Spiritual Leaders, and they are certainly NOT our Saviors. They are merely one of several resources where one can perhaps accurately stay informed of current news and world events, but that’s all. To make these people out to be ‘Larger than Life’ or MORE than what they actually are, is highly irresponsible.”

“Thanks for all that you do. I just read your article on Rush Limbaugh, and I agree with it.  I do listen often to his monologue in order to catch up on the news, but that's about it.”

“That was a well written and convicting article. Not just about listening to Rush (which i rarely do anymore), but other conservative talk show hosts and media outlets that take my focus off of the eternal and on to the temporal cares of life. I’ve gotten very caught up in fear and anxiety because of this new Administration, which is more radical than anything I could have possibly imagined. Every day seems to bring a new concern for my family, my church and even my well being. I’m even having trouble sleeping. I do love the Lord and feel so guilty for struggling with anxiety. Lately, I’ve been listening more to my Audio Bible, because hearing the Word of God is soothing to my soul. I still read the Bible in the morning, but I’m having trouble focusing and it’s very distressing. Please say a prayer for me that God will help me through this time of distress and distractions. I know I’m not alone. God bless you and your ministry. Thank you for your honesty. It’s refreshing in this day and age of blatant lies and wily deception.”

“I wanted to thank you for your ministry and all that you do for the work of the Lord. Your ministry has been a great encouragement to me over the years and the Lord has used it to solidify my life in so many different areas. ... Your material has answered so many of my questions and has also given me encouragement to stick to the Bible and not to compromise. There is so many people giving up these days on the Lord and are replacing their first love with politics, money, sports, and the pursuit of pleasure that to have your ministry has been a constant reminder that I am not the only one who still believes the Word. Thank you again for your ministry and for staying on the firing line. ... Thank you for your ministry and faithfulness over the years. It is refreshing to see someone who has not compromised or given up the fight.”

“I trust you are well. Thank you for your labor putting material and news together for the Friday Church News notes and O Timothy!”


“Thank you for your persistent effort in helping others through your literature, we as a family read and reference it often.”

“The book on Bible prophecy is terrific.”

“Hi brother. Thank you so much for defending the truth, you have been a great help to me since I was saved in 2015.”

“I wanted to write a brief note of thanks for your labour in the work of Christ, and thought that my testimony might be an encouragement to you and your wife. I grew up in a Mennonite church, and was saved as a young boy, but the churches in our area were lukewarm, had doctrinal problems, and these days they are heading in a liberal direction. My wife and I were quite involved in our church, and started realizing there were some major problems. During this time, your articles, books, and other resources; especially those regarding music and eternal security, were a huge help in teaching us the truth of God’s Word. My family and I decided to sell our business, left our friends and family, and moved half way across Canada to Winkler, MB, where we were scripturally baptized (a big deal in Mennonite circles), and became members of Pembina Valley Baptist Church. We have been incredibly blessed to be taught and trained by Pastor Sullivant and the other men here. We rejoice that many of our family members back home have heard the Gospel because of this as well. I am set to graduate from Bible College this year. ... Thank you for the warnings. Thank you for naming the names and identifying the errors of men who are popular in Baptist circles, but have compromised. Thank you for the strong stands you take. I can only imagine the criticism you receive. I have always found your writings to be gracious, and though the truth does strike a nerve sometimes, it is just what we need. Even as I write, I am reminded to pray for you, and how I need to pray more. I pray for your health, that God would enable you to finish your commentary series, and that your church planting goals would be reached! May God bless you!”


“Your Friday Church Notes reporting about sinners and their music is highly inappropriate especially with your use of the n word. [‘Rapper Death Style,’ Aug. 5, 2020] I am a black female fundamentalist. I read Darby and Macintosh, and they definitely not like you. ... I have read a majority of your books and I have bought several but I have deleted all but one of your purchased books.”

“I have read your article bringing down and slandering Pentecostal preachers. As far as I am concerned you are a man filled with Bitterness and Jealousy. I doubt that you are a Christian. Turn to the Lord and repent.”


“Dear Mr Clouds. You Are A looser.”

“Mr. Cloud, sir, I came across your 2015 critique of Bill Gaither; well, it was not really a critique, but a full-on verbal assault on the character and life of a good man who loves the Lord deeply. I hope that by this time, you have come to your senses and apologized to Mr. Gaither. You should. ... You were out of line, sir. ... I pray that 5 years after you wrote that piece, you have repented of your ugly attack.”

“I don't believe a word you say. There many others as I do, stand with Gail Riplinger. It is dangerous to say such evil about a true child of God. Listen to Steven Anderson on the subject. I rebuke u in Jesus mighty name.” (from Gladys)

“In your article Should God's People Be Ignorant About What's Happening you made a mistake. You should have just put your picture there.”

“Cloudy day in hell! O just read your rotten article denouncing the Gaithers! You are an intolerant ------ that brings trouble into the church. The Gaithers have brought more joy to people through their music than you will EVER bring. Your hate is of satan! A fan of gospel music and the Gaithers.”

“In your plan of salvation, I notice you don’t once mention baptism. Why not?”


“Greetings Pastor and Congregation ... My name is Dr John WorldPeace JD ... I did not know until I was in college that my IQ was in the top 1%, that the right and left hemispheres of my brain were equally developed and that I was a Polymath (someone with a lot of interests in many complicated subjects). No wonder no one could answer my questions. ... Using the words of the Christian Bible and the teaching of Jesus, I will discuss [in my new book] ... Why the Book of Revelation is false, if not 95% false. ... Why the Christians are the Chosen people of God and not the Jews. ... Why no Christian preacher, priest or Pope knows what needs to be done to walk America and the world human society out of its present darkness. ... I am the only Advocate for Jesus Christ, the one he promised. ... My book is about the Book of Revelation and Donald Trump and you.”

“O Davey boy the tithes the tithes are calling from the baptist outfit yonder. The baptist pope is beating them out of his frightened slaves. O Davey boy go yonder and get your share. (Please create a song from the above lyrics set to the tune of the song O Danny boy and post on youtube.)”

“I believe I have been called by God to reveal the Instructions God gave His People TO His People today. If you wish to discuss this further, let me know.”

“My spiritual electricity went stronger to find that you have what we need for spiritual growth to the needy people of Kenya. Right now I don't feel like my feet are touching the ground because of the desire that has been ignited in me by reading your web page. I humbly pray that the Holy Spirit visit your hearts and humbly accept our request to spend time to nurture our ministry spiritually and mentor the growth of our orphans. Our congregation members are Christians.We hunger and thirst for your fellowship and teachings.”

“Friends, Elijah said to the people, ‘I alone am left a prophet of the Lord.’ 1 Kings 18: 22. I, Dr John WorldPeace JD, am the only Advocate for Jesus Christ. John 14: 25-27. Of all the people Jesus healed and helped, none were at the cross but a few women. Had any of those that Jesus helped been truly grateful, they would still be standing at the cross. WorldPeace the Advocate.”