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Feed the Flock: Expository Bible Preaching
by David W. Cloud,
Sept. 2020, 181 pgs
Formats: Softcover, eBook
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Feed the Flock is an extensive course on Bible preaching that focuses on the expository method.

The goal of expository preaching is simply to let the verse or passage speak by drawing out the main lessons and then explaining and applying those lessons to the daily living experience of the audience. It is letting a passage speak the message that God there.

“Whether we can be called expositors starts with our purpose and with our honest answer to the question: ‘Do you, as a preacher, endeavor to bend your thought to the Scriptures, or do you use the Scriptures to support your thought?’" (Haddon Robinson).
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    The course deals with:
    • the importance of preaching
    • the call of preaching
    • the necessity of the proper training of preachers
    • the characteristics of biblical preaching
    • the definition and benefit of expository preaching
    • planning the message
    • preaching the message
    • interpretation, illustration, and application
    • following up the message.
    Also included in the course is a 38-point “Preacher’s Evaluation Checklist.”
Course materials are available for this title.
Course consists of:
  - Textbook   - Syllabus
  - Review Questions   - Tests, Answer Keys
  - Grading Sheet   - Video Set

Learn More: Review the course Syllabus by clicking the link at left. Read the FAQ.
The videos are free and available to everyone. Click the link above.
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