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The New Age Tower of Babel
by David W. Cloud

This 505-page book documents the explosive growth of the New Age movement in our day. God’s people need to be able to identify the New Age and refute it with Scripture so that they can protect themselves, their churches, their loved ones, and their neighbors in these dark last days. Far too many are unequipped for this task.

Two decades ago the New Age seemed to be more the doctrine of Hollywood movie stars (Shirley MacLaine’s “I am God”) and Starwars enthusiasts (“may the force be with you”) and the magic-crystal pop culture of rock & roll hippies than the philosophy of the average person or something to be taken seriously in churches or politics.
As we document in the book, this wasn’t true then and it definitely isn’t true today.

The New Age is on the move! The New Age philosophy has permeated the self-help, personal transformation field; it has leavened education (from lowest to highest levels) and reached deeply into business, health care, psychological counseling, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, politics and government, athletics and sports, even the military.

Neil Anderson says: “
It is safe to say that the prevailing religion in America ... is no longer Christianity but is instead New Age” (Christ Centered Therapy, 2000, p. 61). A trip to the average national-chain book store will verify this. New Age philosophy is found not just in the religious, spiritual, occult and metaphysical sections.

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