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Understanding the Bible for Yourself

This new course for March 2020 replaces How to Study the Bible.

Understanding the Bible for Yourself is expanded and much improved. It deals with:
  • choosing the right Bible
  • how to establish a habit of daily Bible study
  • rules of Bible interpretation
  • methods of study (a practical seven-fold plan for studying any Bible passage)
  • using Bible study tools
  • using Bible commentaries
  • using Bible study software
  • having a plan of lifelong study.
There is an extensive list of suggested Bible study projects. The course is extremely practical and hands on. We explain exactly how to get started in Bible study and how to move forward step by step. It is a course for new Bible students as well as for old.

Softcover book, 242 pages - 7" x 8.5"
Pdf eBook - 242 pages, 7" x 8.5" page size
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