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The Doctrine Which Ye Have Learned: A Course in Bible Theology
Replaces "Give Attendance to Doctrine"

This Course in Bible Theology deals with the Bible, Biblical Inspiration, God, God’s Sovereignty, Trinity, Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, Man, Sin, the Law, the Gospel, Repentance, Eternal Security, Death, Resurrection, Satan and Demons, Angels, Hell, and Heaven.

The studies are thorough and practical, answering questions such as How can we know that the Bible is the Word of God? Is there clear evidence? Why is there such confusion about the Bible among professing Christians today? Is it possible to know which doctrine is correct? Can we be sure that Adam and Eve were real people? Was the flood of Noah’s day worldwide? Is it possible to understand the Trinity? What practical applications does the Trinity have in daily Christian living? How is the Holy Spirit received? Is it proper to pray to the Holy Spirit? Is tongues speaking for today? What does the Bible say about “slaying in the Spirit”? How do we know that Jesus Christ is God?

Why do some verses seem to say that Jesus is less than God the Father? Did Jesus make alcoholic wine? Did Jesus have long hair? Can the teaching of evolution be reconciled with the Bible? How do we know that man is not merely an animal? What does the Bible mean when it says man is made in God’s image? Is man a little God? Does the Bible teach “soul sleep”? Can the Christian attain sinless perfection? How does the Christian overcome sin in his daily life? What happens when a person dies? Why does James say that faith plus works are necessary for salvation? What is the meaning of Bible words such as propitiation, repentance, redemption, justification, hope, mystery, impute, glory? What does it mean to be born again?

What role does the law of Moses have in the Christian’s life? Does God “sovereignly” and “unconditionally” choose who will be saved? Did Jesus die for all sinners or only for a select few? Can a born again believer lose his salvation? Does eternal security mean that a Christian can live any way he pleases? Does it mean that anyone who professes Christ or prays a sinner’s prayer will be saved? What happens when a Christian sins? What about the verses used by those who say the believer can lose his salvation? Are Christians obligated to keep the sabbath?

Are Christians obligated to keep a certain diet? Will there be one general resurrection of the saved and the lost? What is the evidence for Christ’s resurrection? What will the resurrection body be like? What was Satan like before he sinned? How can the believer defeat Satan? What are angels like? Do they have wings? Do they appear as women? What is heaven like? Will believers know one another in heaven? Are the wicked annihilated?

467 Pages

Printed edition: 7"x8" available in bound softcover or spiral bound.
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