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PLEASE, BEFORE REQUESTING changes and updates to your listing:
If you have not done so in the last 12 months, please fill out our QUESTIONNAIRE. This is the primary method we use to maintain the accuracy and integrity of our directory. Also any church that has a change in leadership and does not fill out the questionnaire anew will be removed from the directory. We are living in a time of great change, and most of the changes in the churches are in the direction of compromise. Thank you, Bro. Cloud

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Important Notice: Churches listed here do not necessarily carry a “recommendation” by Bro. Cloud. To be listed, the pastor’s of these churches have filled out the Questionnaire with answers being satisfactory for inclusion AT THAT TIME. But things can change very quickly. Use this list wisely.
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Billings -Grace Baptist Church, 3616 Broadwater Ave., Billings, MT, 59102, 406-656-8333 [Pastor K. Richard Miller pastor@gracebaptistbillings.org]

Corvallis - Solid Rock Baptist Church, 1050 Eastside Hwy, Corvallis, MT 59828  406-961-6806 (Pastor Nathan Saunders Nathansaunders@mwbm.org)

Havre - Havre Baptist Church, 207 3rd Ave.,Havre, MT 59501. 406-390-5341 [Pastor Morris Sherlin havrepastor@msn.com]

Helen - Liberty BC, 210 W. Sierra rd, Helena, MT, 59602, 406-458-6300, Pastor Rick DeMato Rick BC@aol.com

Kalispell- Victory Baptist Church, 1830 MT Hwy 35 Kalispell, MT 59903, www.victorybaptistchurchkalispell.com 406-359-1611 [Pastor Stan Martin info@victorybaptistchurchkalispell.com]