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Beilingen - Eifel Baptist Church, 14 Kirchstrasse, Beilingen, Germany 54662, - 06562 2178, Pastor Herb Curriden, eifelpastor@aol.com
Grafenwoehr - Grace Baptist Church; Alte Amberger Str. 43, 92655 Grafenwoehr, Germany; Tel. from the U.S.: (011-49) 9641-454 122 or (011-49) 160-9647 5554; http://www.gbcgraf.org/; [Pastor Chuck Sligh; csligh@gbcgraf.org]

Hohenfels - Hohenfels Baptist Church, Haupstr.21 92331 Parsberg-Hormannsdorf, www.hohenfelsbaptistchurch.com 0170-3423975 Pastor John Radank jradank@hotmail.com

Landstuhl - Rheinland Baptist Church, Bahnstrasse 124A, Landstuhl, Germany 66849.  www.rheinlandbaptist.org, Tel. from USA:  011.49.6371.16148
[Pastor: Gib Wood

Linden - Faith Baptist Church, Konrad-Adenauer Str. 8., Linden, Germany 35440. www.fbcgermany.org (In the U.S. 011-49-6403-969-3397) (In Germany 06403-969-3397) [Pastor Jason W. Heneise heneise@bimi.org ]

Munich - Federal Republic of Germany, Bible Baptist Church, Balanstreet 324, phone: (089) 682-726 Pastor Wilhelm Falk wsfalk@web.de

Schweinfurt- Liberty Baptist Church,221/2 Niederwerrner Str.,Schweinfurt Germany 97421. www.schweinfurtbaptist.com [Pastor Roy Smith royellensmith@hotmail.com]

Weisbaden - Grace Baptist Church of Wiesbaden Stadt. Autalhalle Idsteiner Str. 59 695527 Niedernhausen 016097553527 Pastor Mark Lancaster