Elisabeth Elliot and Rome

Updated December 19, 2004 (first published March 2, 2000) (David Cloud, Fundamental Baptist Information Service, P.O. Box 610368, Port Huron, MI 48061, 866-295-4143, fbns@wayoflife.org)

Elisabeth Elliot is the wife of martyred missionary Jim Elliot. We have no doubt that she is a gracious woman, and it is commendable that she served for many years on a very difficult mission field. Further, she has taken a commendable stand against the attempts of some to accommodate the feminist movement to the Bible. In her book The Mark of a Man she rejects the attempts by the modern feminists to rewrite the Bible to suit their so-called “feminist theology.”

Regardless of the many good things that could be said about Mrs. Elliot, though, she is a committed ecumenist (and an Episcopalian). She regularly joins hands with such recognized anti-separatists as Billy Graham, Luis Palau, John Stott, James Dobson, and Haddon Robinson (an editor of
Christianity Today). All of these men are openly opposed to fundamentalism and biblical separation.

Mrs. Elliot spoke at the 1995 National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) Convention, together with Luis Palau and Billy Graham. There is not a more religiously confused hodgepodge anywhere than the NRB. In 1994, the NRB awarded its Milestone Award to The Voice of Prophecy, a Seventh-day Adventist television program! The NRB has frequently featured Roman Catholic speakers.

In July 1989, Mrs. Elliot spoke at the Roman Catholic Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio, a hotbed of Roman Catholic-Charismatic enthusiasm. Each year the Franciscan University holds a conference to exalt the blasphemous Catholic dogmas that Mary is the immaculately conceived, ever virgin Queen of Heaven and advocate of God’s people.

The following information was sent to us by a reader of O Timothy magazine in Wisconsin —

On September 6, 1997, at the Waukesha, Wisconsin Expo Center Elisabeth Elliot spoke before a large gathering of multi-denominational individuals. The meeting was sponsored by WVCY radio out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. A few questions were directed to Mrs. Elliot that confirmed her compromise within the apostasy of New Evangelicalism.

Question: ‘Can a person be Catholic and Christian in union?’

Mrs. Elliot: ‘Yes, we can have unity in diversity; my brother [Thomas Howard] is a Catholic and a Christian.’

Question: ‘Then is it acceptable to celebrate the [Catholic] Eucharist?’

Mrs. Elliot: ‘Yes.’

Question: ‘Of Mary, ‘queen of heaven’?’

Mrs. Elliot: ‘Excuse me, time will not allow me to expound on these questions.’

Mrs. Elliot moves on to the next in line.

How very amazing that the general church masses have little idea how some have been deceived, given over to false doctrine, and even blinded to the pure gospel which we’ve been given so clearly.

What is of further amazement is that a Christian radio station (WVCY America) ... is so prone to air a gamut of such compromising teachers. They dropped the M&M Clinic program and wrestle with James Dobson, yet choose not to address the programming of figures such as Swindoll, Elliot, etc. They are even aware of the error of New Evangelicalism but choose not to obey the truth. Be it for gain or ignorance, the dross bears greater witness than the gold with such as these (Steve Straub, Sept. 8, 1997, Waukesha, Wisconsin).

Elisabeth Elliot was listed in the June 1998 issue of
Charisma magazine as a speaker for a national Catholic Charismatic renewal conference held at the University of Notre Dame, June 12-14. Other speakers included Catholics Dorothy Ranaghan and Ralph Martin.

Elliot’s book
Taking Flight, has a very dangerous and erroneous statement about salvation. “Those who receive Christ. are given not an ‘instant kingdom’ but the ‘right to become children of God.’ … It does not say God makes them instant children of God. It says He gives them the right to become” (Elisabeth Elliot, Taking Flight, p. 12)

The book EVANGELICALS AND ROME: THE ECUMENICAL ONE-WORLD “CHURCH” (D.W. CLOUD) [ISBN 1-58318-058-3] is a diligently researched volume which traces the journey to Rome by Evangelical Christianity. Nothing more plainly demonstrates the ongoing fulfillment of prophecies pertaining to end-time apostasy and the formation of a world-world harlot “church.” The Introduction extensively documents the history and apostasy of Evangelicalism since the 1940s. Part 1 answers the question “Is the Roman Catholic Church Changing?” It includes a study from official Vatican II documents as well as from the New Catholic Catechism proving that the RCC has not changed its heretical position on such things as the mass, the papacy, Mary, purgatory, the priesthood, prayers to the dead, and the sacraments. The author also shows that Vatican II and the New Catechism affirm the blasphemous declarations of the Council of Trent. Part II covers “Billy Graham and Rome,” documenting Billy Graham's relationship with the Roman Catholic Church from 1950 to present. Part III covers “Other Influential Evangelical Leaders and Organizations and Rome,” documenting dozens of popular evangelical leaders and organizations, including Bill Bright and Campus Crusade, Tony Campolo, Christianity Today, Christian Research Institute, James Dobson, Chuck Colson, Elizabeth Elliot, Jerry Falwell, Fuller Seminary, Franklin Graham, Carl Henry, Bill Hybels, Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, D. James Kennedy, J.I. Packer, Luis Palau, Robert Schuller, John R. Stott, Thomas Nelson, United Bible Societies, Jack Van Impe, Wheaton College, World Magazine, World Vision, Wycliffe Bible Translators, and Youth for Christ. Part IV deals with “The Southern Baptist Convention and Rome.” Part V deals with “The Charismatics and Rome.” Dozens of influential Charismatic leaders and organizations are documented, including 100 Huntley Street, 700 Club, AGLOW, Assemblies of God, Jamie Buckingham, Morris Cerullo, David Yonggi Cho, Paul Crouch, Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship, Kenneth Hagin, Michael Harper, Jack Hayford, Benny Hinn, Rodney Howard-Browne, Rex Humbard, Kathryn Kuhlman, David Mainse, Melodyland Christian Center, Oral Roberts, Pat Robertson, James Robison, Vinson Synan, Trinity Broadcasting Network, Ralph Wilkerson, John Wimber, and Youth with a Mission. Part VI deals with “Promise Keepers and Rome.” Part VII deals with “Contemporary Christian Music and Rome.” Part VIII deals with the subject of “Evangelical Catholics.” This section looks at the phenomenon of so-called evangelical Catholicism and charismatic Catholics. The book “Evangelical Catholics” by Keith Fournier (foreword by Chuck Colson) is reviewed and refuted from Scripture. Part IX looks at the many ways “Rome Denies Salvation by Grace Alone.” Part X deals with the recent agreement between “Lutherans and Catholics on the Doctrine of Salvation by Grace.” Part XI looks at Evangelicals and Catholics Together II. Part XII answers the question “Was Mother Teresa a True Christian?” Did she teach the people under her care the true Gospel? This study contains an interview with a nun who works with Mother Teresa’s Sisters of Charity. Read this amazing interview and learn what this Calcutta-trained nun does to prepare Hindus for death. Part XIII examines the charge that we don’t understand the Catholic Church. http://www.wayoflife.org.

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