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July 23, 2020
David Cloud, Way of Life Literature, P.O. Box 610368, Port Huron, MI 48061
We publish a large amount of material that can be used for Sunday Schools. They are not graded by age, but they can be adapted for any age by capable teachers. Most of the courses include review questions.

As noted in the following list, some of these courses are available as a video series taught by David Cloud.

For full information on these courses, see the online catalog and free videos at

  • Acts (highlights), 246 pages
  • The Bible, Diet, and Alternative Health Care, 195 pages
  • Bible Separation: Its Doctrine and Practice, 124 pages
  • Bible Times and Ancient Kingdoms: Treasures from Archaeology. 620-page book plus 50 PowerPoint presentations containing 4,600 slides of photos, drawings, historic recreations, and video clips
  • The Bible Version Issue, 415 pages
  • The Calvinism Debate, 137 pages
  • Defense of the Faith, 456 pages
  • The Discipling Church: The Church That Will Stand until Christ Returns, 500 pages
  • Dressing for the Lord, 203 pages
  • The Four Gospels, 299 pages
  • The Emerging Church Is Coming, book 51 pages (also available as a video series)
  • The Future According to the Bible, 510 pages
  • Give Attendance to Doctrine, 262 pages
  • The Glorious History of the King James Bible, 228 pages
  • The History and Heritage of Fundamental Baptists
  • A History of the Churches from a Baptist Perspective, 757 pages plus 11 PowerPoint presentations with more than 1,100 slides and new maps
  • Holiness: Pitfalls, Struggles, Victory. 175 pages
  • Introduction to Bible Geography, PowerPoint and PDF
  • James (highlights), 154 pages
  • Jews in Fight Jets: Israel Past, Present, and Future. 590-page book plus 16 PowerPoint presentations with 2,650 slides of photos, drawings, historic recreations, and video clips
  • Job (highlights), 103 pages
  • Keeping the Kids: How to Keep the Children from Falling Prey to the World, 531 pages (also available as a video series)
  • The Mobile Phone and the Christian Home and Church, 200 pages
  • New Evangelicalism: Its History, Characteristics, and Fruit, 190 pages. Includes extensive set of review questions.
  • Old Testament History and Geography, 419 pages plus 55 maps and illustrations
  • Pastors, Deacons, and Church Members, 135 pages
  • The Pentecostal-Charismatic Movements: The History and the Error, 487-page book plus eight PowerPoint presentations with 1,400 slides of photos, drawings, historic recreations, and video clips. Many of the photos were taken firsthand at historic locations, such as John Dowie’s Zion City and Frank Sandford’s Shiloh community, and historic conferences attended with media credentials.
  • A Portrait of Christ: The Tabernacle, the Priesthood, and the Offerings, 420 pages,
  • Proverbs (survey), 308 pages
  • Psalms (survey), 275 pages
  • The Satanic Attack on Sacred Music. Video series and book. The series consists of about 17 hours of teaching and is packed with photos, graphics, audio and video clips.
  • Sowing and Reaping: A Course in Evangelism, 70 pages (also available as a video series)
  • Spiritual Safety in the Facebook Age. 250 pages
  • Revelation, 465 page
  • Understanding the Bible for Yourself, 260 pages
  • Understanding Bible Prophecy, 298 pages
  • An Unshakeable Faith: A Christian Apologetics Course, 425-page book plus 27 PowerPoint presentations with about 3,500 slides of photos, drawings, and video clips
  • What Every Christian Should Know about Rock Music. 70 pages
  • What Is the Emerging Church? 489 pages
  • Why We Hold to the King James Bible, 466 pages
  • The Woman and Her Work for God, 200 pages
(Page and slide counts for reference only and may vary.)

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