"There are three things that people want to be sure and not do: 1. Tug on Superman's cape; he doesn't like it. 2. Catch a speeding bullet in your teeth; its rough on the fillings. 3. Miss reading
O Timothy; if you do you'll miss something good!" --Evangelist, Maryland

One of the many benefits of this magazine is the depth and detail involved in Bro. Cloud's research and writing. When I finish reading a copy of O Timothy, I come away with good, solid information--not just little tidbits. As a pastor, I feel that it is important to keep abreast of the current trends and issues of separation. The problem is, I do not have the time to read and evaluate the multitude of Christian publications out there, nor do I have the time to attend their meetings, etc. Therein lies the value of the ministry that the Lord has given to Bro. Cloud. Yes, I am aware that there are other fundamental information sources, but I am unaware of any that will give me such in-depth coverage from a local church, Baptist perspective as well." -- Pastor Gordon Conner, Vancouver, British Columbia

"I want to say that your magazine
O Timothy has been a real blessing to me; it has become a very valuable part of my files of information. ... In these days of serious compromise, your ministry is a breath of fresh air. Keep up the good work." --Allen Dickerson, pastor, editor, president, Maryland Baptist Bible College

"A strong series of booklets intended to spread light on crucial topics has come from the pen of David W. Cloud ... All focus on issues which are increasingly left alone by established publishers of Christian literature. ...
[These books] are all eminently interesting, readable and well documented. They carry conviction, may be understood by anyone, and will certainly be found useful by leaders who seek to build up their people in discernment and loyalty to the Word. The range of booklets is expanding and merits the widest circulation." --Dr. Peter Masters, Sword & Trowel, London, England, 1993, No. 3

O Timothy always has such a wealth of information. I devour each issue! It is a favorite and a big help." --Jerry Huffman, Editor, Calvary Contender

I wanted to write and let you know how much I appreciate the time and effort you put into researching, writing and publishing in order that we, and the people of our churches, might have valuable information. I am thankful for your strong and balanced stand on separation, ecclesiastical and personal, and for the position you hold on the KJV, which is so sorely needed in this day." --Pastor, Burlington, Ontario

"[Your articles] contain information which preachers sorely need to know. I suggest that copies be sent to fundamental Bible institutes everywhere. Would-be translators and
all missionaries need this material." --Bruce Lackey, former Dean, Tennessee Temple Bible School

"I appreciate the spirit in which you impart the information which is positive for truths sake but not with a fleshly critical spirit." --
Subscriber, O Timothy

"I thoroughly enjoy
O Timothys content, variety, and tactful yet truthful handling of important doctrinal issues and trends today. I can think of so many men who need to hear the things in this magazine." --Missionary, Japan

"Your work is needful and helpful. Dont let anyone talk you out of it! Keep on, my Brother!" --
Evangelist, Colorado

"Many, many thanks for your
O Timothy publication. It is so edifying and so informative. You and your ministry is a tremendous blessing to true Christianity." --Bartholomew Brewer, Mission to Catholics

"I would like to thank you for the ministry the Lord has given you. It has really been a big help to me.
Your magazine is one of the best investments I have made." --Pastor, Boone, Iowa

"I am thrilled at what you are doing. I appreciate your paper
O Timothy so much. You are to be commended for the excellent techniques and sweet spirit in handling these issues." --Edward Caughill, Tabernacle Baptist Seminary, Virginia Beach, Virginia

greatly appreciate the work you are doing. I have one of your encyclopedias, have recently ordered O Timothy, and our church is starting to use the Bulletin Board System. All of these have been a great help!" --York, Pennsylvania

"Thank you for the Open Letter to a Promise Keeper Representative. I think your letter is excellently written. I took the liberty of forwarding it to ten other friends with whom I correspond. I also gave a copy to our senior pastor who praised the write-up. Thank you for the service you render for the Lord and His people." --
Pastor, Charleston, South Carolina

"I appreciated your article The Heart of New Evangelicalism in the latest issue of
O Timothy. Im glad there are still those around who will name names. I really appreciate your uncompromising stand in this present age of apostasy." --Augusta, Georgia

"Thank you for the article Fundamentalism, Modernism, and New-Evangelicalism in the last issue of
O Timothy. It was one of the most useful articles that I have read in a long time." --Coopersburg, Pennsylvania

"Your article titled Charismatic Leader Dies after Being Healed is a classic, and I know has helped some of my folks to understand the duplicity of the charismatic movement." --Pastor, Cloverdale, California

"I enjoy
O Timothy very much. You always seem to get to the meat of the subject without having to go through all the nonessentials. I greatly appreciate the work you are doing for the cause of Christ. I have a copy of the Way of Life Encyclopedia which I refer to often. Thanks for giving us a reference tool we can trust to be in line with Gods Word." --Angier, North Carolina

"You are doing us a very good service with
O Timothy. Great job!" --Baptist Bible Translators Institute, Bowie, Texas

"I get encouraged almost daily with one thing or another that you have written or spoken to me about." --Missionary, Romania

"I wish to encourage you in the work you are doing for our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. The topics you deal with are timely and need to be addressed in the light of Scripture. Your manner is inoffensive to a believer and probably stinging and sharp to a non-believer. Keep up the excellent work." --Port Huron, Michigan

"Your special report Charismatic Confusion in Indianapolis (Eyewitness report on the North American Congress on the Holy Spirit and World Evangelization) is an excellent article. In fact the best we have read on the confusion in the Charismatic movement." --Modbury Heights, South Australia

O Timothy is a very bright light in a very dark place. Know that I read and re-read each and every article, and sometimes use some as foundations for ongoing Bible studies." --Pastor, Anamosa, Iowa

"Thank you for your faithful and excellent and so important and urgent writings and productions." --Evangelist, Laguna Hills, California

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