Music for Good or Evil
David W. Cloud

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I. Biblical Principles of Good Christian Music.

II. Why We Reject Contemporary Christian Music. It is worldly, addictive, ecumenical, charismatic, shallow and man-centered, opposed to preaching, experience-oriented, and it weakens the strong biblicist stance of a church.

III. The Sound of Contemporary Christian Music. In this section we give the believer simple tools that he can use to discern the difference between sensual and sacred music. We deal with syncopated dance styles, sensual vocal styles, relativistic styles, and overly soft styles that do not fit the message.

IV. The Transformational Power of Contemporary Worship Music. We show why CCM is able to transform a “traditional” Bible-believing church into a New Evangelical contemporary one. It’s transformational power resides in its enticing philosophy of “liberty” and in its sensual, addictive music. We use video and audio to illustrate the sound of contemporary worship.

V. Southern Gospel. We deal with the history of Southern Gospel and its the current character and influence and the role of the Gaithers in the renaissance of Southern Gospel. This section is packed with audio, video, and photos.

VI. Marks of Good Song Leading. There is a great need for proper training of song leaders today, and in this segment we deal with the following eight principles: Leadership, preparation, edification, spirituality, spiritual discernment, wisdom in song selection, diversity. One thing we emphasize is the need to sing worship songs that turn the people’s focus directly to God. We give dozens of examples of worship songs that are found in standard hymnals used by Bible-believing churches, but typically these are not sung properly as “unto God.”.

VII. Questions Answered on Contemporary Christian Music. We answer 15 of the most common questions on this subject, such as the following: Is rhythm wrong? Isn’t this issue just a matter of different taste? Isn’t the sincerity of the musicians the important thing? Isn’t some CCM acceptable? Didn’t Luther and the Wesleys use tavern music? What is the difference between using CCW and using old non-Baptist hymns? plus more……

VIII. The Foreign Spirit of Contemporary Worship Music. This presentation documents the frightful spiritual compromise, heresy, and apostasy that permeates the field of contemporary praise. Through extensive documentation, it proves that contemporary worship music is controlled by “another spirit” (2 Cor. 11:4). It is the spirit of charismaticism, the spirit of the “latter rain,” the spirit of Roman Catholicism and the one-world “church,” the spirit of the world that is condemned by 1 John 2:16, the spirit of homosexuality, and the spirit of the false god of The Shack. The presentation looks carefully at the origin of contemporary worship in the Jesus Movement of the 1970s, examining the lives and testimonies of some of the most influential people.

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