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Important Notes Regarding the Use of this Directory

1. This is not a list of churches that we recommend. In the vast majority of cases, we have never visited these churches and know nothing about them personally beyond what is submitted to us in the questionnaire. We have found that many of the questionnaires are filled out incorrectly, so there are probably a large number of churches listed that we would not recommend. This list is simply an attempt to help God's people find a church. It is only a suggested starting point in that endeavor. From our side, we don’t have any more information about these churches.

For a church to be included on the list, the pastor or a church officer must fill out and send our questionnaire. We have no interest in maintaining a list of all independent Baptist churches, since we don't recommend most independent Baptist churches. The only churches we desire to list on this directory are churches that are likeminded with us in doctrine and practice. 

The old asterisk system has been done away with. (Earlier we used a single asterisk to indicate that a church had filled out the questionnaire, but in 2011 we removed all churches that had not filled out the questionnaire. We also used a double asterisk to indicate churches that Bro. Cloud has personally visited and personally recommends. He has found that it is not possible to know enough about churches to give a personal recommendation from brief visits, plus churches are changing direction so quickly that it is not possible for a stranger to keep up with what is happening. 

We invite feedback. If you have personal knowledge of a church and you know that it is not sound in some important way, please take the time to inform us so that we can make a decision as to whether to keep the church on the list or not.

5. If your church is from the following countries, in order to have your church listed, I must have personal knowledge of your ministry or it must be recommend by someone that we personally know and respect. Filling out the questionnaire is not sufficient: India, Myanmar, Pakistan, Philippines, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Africa.

David Cloud

QUESTIONNAIRE <- Online questionnaire

(application for inclusion on directory, make sure to read Marks of Churches first)