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November 3, 2015 (David Cloud, Fundamental Baptist Information Service, P.O. Box 610368, Port Huron, MI 48061, 866-295-4143, fbns@wayoflife.org;)

I have taught the new youth discipleship course (The Mobile Phone and the Christian Home and Church) twice so far, in South Africa in August and in New Hampshire in October. I am scheduled to teach it in the Philippines in January and in Australia next July.

The Mobile Phone
THE MOBILE PHONE AND THE CHRISTIAN HOME AND CHURCH. ISBN 978-1-58318-198-0. Many Christian homes and churches are losing a frightful percentage of their young people to the world. This practical and far-reaching youth discipleship course deals with the parent’s part, the church’s part, and the youth’s part in winning and discipling young people. It covers salvation, child discipline, the Christian home environment that produces disciples, reaching the child’s heart, Bible study techniques, how to protect young people from dangers associated with the Internet and smartphones, how to use apologetics, and many other things. The section on building a wall of protection deals with such things as having a basic home phone that teens can use under parental oversight, using filters and accountability software, controlling passwords and apps, the power of pornography, the dangers of Facebook and video games, avoiding conversation with members of the opposite sex, and monitoring the young person’s attitude. The course explains how the church and the home can work together in youth discipleship. It describes the characteristic of a church that produces youth disciples, such as having qualified leaders, officers, and teachers, maintaining biblical standards for workers, being careful about salvation, being uncompromising about separation from the world, building godly homes, discipline, prayer, and vision. It deals with how to train young people to be effective Bible students and how to involve them in the church’s ministry. Finally, the course deals with eleven biblical principles of spiritual protection that young people must build into their own lives. These are living to please the Lord, living by the law of the Spirit, practicing humility, pursuing Christian growth, pursuing edification and ministry, pursuing honesty, practicing vigilance and separation, pursuing pure speech, redeeming the time, pursuing temperance, and obeying and honoring one’s parents. The Youth Discipleship Library, which can be purchased from Way of Life Literature, contains the associated training materials that we describe in this course. 200 pages, also available as a free eBook from www.wayoflife.org

YOUTH DISCIPLESHIP LIBRARY. A digital library on DVD containing 20 hours of video courses plus books totaling 4,500 pages. This digital library is especially designed to assist pastors, teachers, and parents in discipling young people. It is intended to complement the youth discipleship course entitled The Mobile Phone and the Christian Home and Church, a copy of which is included with the library. CONTENTS: Acts of the Apostles, Baptist Music Wars, Believer’s Bible Dictionary, The Bible Knowledge Test, Bible Separation: Its Doctrine and Practice, Bible Times and Ancient Kingdoms: Treasures from Archaeology (500 page book plus 19 PowerPoint presentations with 3,200 professional slides), Dressing for the Lord, The Effectual Bible Student (12 video presentations plus class notes), The Four Gospels, Keeping the Kids: How to Keep the Children from Falling Prey to the World, The Mobile Phone and the Christian Home and Church, Music for Good or Evil (10 video presentations), Old Testament History and Geography, One-Year Discipleship Course, Proverbs, Rock & Roll’s War Against God, Sowing and Reaping: A Course in Evangelism, Things Hard to Be Understood: A Handbook on Biblical Difficulties, An Unshakeable Faith: A Christian Apologetics Course (425-page book plus 27 PowerPoint presentations featuring 3,500 professional slides), Why Most Churches Will Be Emerging within 20 Years.

Following are a few of the many testimonies we have received:

“It was like my spiritual life was on pilot light and the youth discipleship conference flamed it up to a high degree.”

“The conference was a good watershed for the men I brought. ... One of those headed forwarded has really taken some good stands for the Lord. He has also started a youth night on Fridays in his home which has greatly impacted his family. His step-daughter now says she needs to be saved and he has started a Bible study with her. During the youth sessions, he has begun using the One Year Discipleship Course. Furthermore, he has copied off some of the material from the Youth Discipleship Library DVD and has begun reading these books. This is such a blessing to us here, and we wanted to pass on the blessing to you. Keep up the good work! Stay faithful and stand true, Brother. Christ is coming!”

“I thought I would be getting things to teach our people, but the Lord dealt with me about many things in my own family.”

“Thank you for your good preaching last week. My children were under conviction by several things that you preached. My wife and I thought we had things locked down pretty tight and had a solid handle on what are children are up to, but they were able to tell us of some avenues of temptation for them that we did not realize. Thanks be to God for awaking their consciences through the preaching of the Word of God.”

“Thank God for the lessons I have learned. Thank you for being straightforward with a proud young man like me. Thank you for your example as a student of the Word.”

“My family and I were so blessed by the useful guidance and tips from the principles of God’s Word. Personally I have a lot to bring back to the home and church and to practice in the ministries God has given me. The conference has renewed our commitment to a consistent family altar time.”

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