Roman Catholicism, Past and Present

Many conservative Christian groups have produced materials exposing Roman Catholicism, but ours are unique in this sense: We believe that preaching is the method that God has ordained to tear down false ideas and erect truth in its place. Our videos are preaching presentations first, but they also include video and photographs that we have gathered in our research trips to help reinforce the points being made.

This video exposes the pagan roots of the Roman Catholic system in a clear and concise way and includes photographs and video shot on location in Rome. One viewer said: “This is an excellent video presentation. The pictures shown are very helpful and revealing. That's the clearest and most forward teaching on Revelation 17 I have heard and seen so far." This is a timely presentation in light of the astonishing sympathy toward Rome that is displayed by Protestants, New Evangelicals, Charismatics, and others and will help prepare God’s people to deal with the apostasy and compromise of these last days.
In addition, this DVD presentation includes a bonus section of 30 minutes of interviews with typical Roman Catholics in Rome, including a Jesuit priest at Gesu Church, the home of the Jesuit Order, a missionary Brother from Philadelphia, and the gentleman below, Patrick Pinto, a Roman Catholic priest who maintains that he is still a Hindu at heart.
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