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Feburary 5, 2015 (David Cloud, Fundamental Baptist Information Service, P.O. Box 610368, Port Huron, MI 48061, 866-295-4143,

From time to time, I publish some of the goodies from my mailbox, since many people have told me that they enjoy reading these things.


You will be encouraged to know that two people have found our church through your website directory, who had previously had no Fundamental Baptist Church involvement. They both have been learning much from your articles and have been encouraged to take the higher ground. One  of these is  a young man by who will be getting baptised this Sunday, and I have had the privilege of discipling him. He had previously been attending a compromised, Neo-evangelical Anglican church and has now is becoming a member of our church. We praise God for your faithful ministry.”

“I've been reading your book, ‘A Portrait of Christ: The Tabernacle, The Priesthood, The Offerings,’ and it's outstanding. For the 1st time (and I've been saved quite some time) I have more than just a basic understanding of these things. ... Great job.”

“I certainly do understand why you would tell people ‘I am not your Pastor.’ However, for whatever it is worth, I can say I wish that you were. I do thank you for your website and all the material you have made available.”

Thanks, Bro. Cloud. The biblical insight God has allowed you to provide on this matter was not only helpful but stirred my thinking.” [A pastor’s comment on the article “Creation Science Ministries: Why the New Evangelical Principle Is Dangerous,” Nov. 13, 2014]

“I just finished Revelation from your Bible study series. Wow! What a blessing!”

“Thank you for your excellent evaluation of the Creation Science Ministries of today, for which I am in total agreement with as to the fact that they do an excellent job with their Creationist perspective and Biblical presentation of our God of the Bible and His wonderful works of Creation, but unfortunately in their endeavours to influence the maximum numbers of people in regard to Creation they unfortunately compromise on many other essential (they say ,of course, non essential) issues. So I just want to congratulate and thank you for the stand you are making and continuing to make, yet in a balanced, non harsh approach and perspective of Christian love ( a word which I am a little fearful of using, due to it’s compromising abuse today). I trust you will continue to keep up your good work as a prophet crying in the wilderness, but unswervingly adamant for Biblical truth.”

“I don’t care who the young man is, that’s not the point. The point is what West Coast is doing with their music and what it’s doing to the next generation.” [This pastor was referring to my mistake in identifying Travis Chappell as Paul’s son instead of his nephew in the first edition of “Next Generation Rocking at Lancaster.”]

“Your ministry is a wonderful gift to local churches.”

“Thank you for making the ‘Music For Good And Evil’ video series freely available. I am in the process of watching the first video right now. It is a blessing to be scripturally educated on this issue! I had been looking around and came across a cd from a sharp looking couple which looked and sounded fine. When I investigated further I was shocked to see how wrapped up this young couple is with the ccm CROWD! Sadly, I know too many young Bible college graduates that seem to be going the same way. But the truth is still the truth, God is STILL holy, and you are an encouragement to me by helping this pastor to understand this matter from a biblical perspective! Thank you and I hope we may shake hands some day. God bless!”

“We have been receiving your O Timothy periodical for a number of years, and as I renew my subscription again I just wanted to say how much I appreciate all the work you do and the strong stand you take so consistently on so many important and critical issues. Considering the condition and thinking in most churches these days, what you do is probably a thankless job in many, and manybe most, circles today.”

“The Friday News Notes are so relevant. You are putting together the jigsaw puzzle of the many shifts occurring in Christian life, in churches, and in the world, and you keep your ear to the ground regarding those who essay to lead people. It helps us to know what these leaders actually say, and to see their fruit. They are homogenising, and not in a good way. You encourage us to be biblicist in the way we view all these happenings.”

“Thank you so very much for rising above the petty thinking and carnality and taking us back to simple Bible basics on the issues. Your steady strong stand on the Bible and careful research (my husband and I have followed your ministry for 20+ years) have many times cleared the fuzziness from my own thinking and helped me to stay on track spiritually. I seldom write to tell you, but your ministry continues to be a great blessing to me, and has repeatedly pulled me out of confusion. Thank you, and please keep on keeping on for our Saviour.”

“Thank you, Mr. Cloud, for being a clear voice among so many compromising men in the ministry today. Your research and clear teaching on matters that affect Christians in our day are a ray of sunshine in spite of the seriousness of the many problems. Being an ostrich with its head in the sand  is not Biblical.”

“Just finished reading your book
The House Church Movement. This is a wonderful resource to counter this growing trend in American Christianity.  The book is full of biblical citations for further study to help both Pastor and Church member formulate a response to the house church philosophies you outline when they are encountered. This book should be in every Pastor’s library. Great work.”

“Just a quick note to thank you again for your tireless and selfless effort in teaching the Word of God and plainly sharing truth. So often your messages contain the phrase ‘which is available for free.’ Although I have purchased many of your books and DVDs, I have also downloaded and read many of your free ebooks, and I am so thankful that you have made them available, I'm sure at great cost to you personally. I have a wonderful pastor who is a God-gifted teacher, who has taught me more in the past 5 years than I ever learned in the previous 30 years of my life. Between him and his dear wife and you, I feel like I have received a better Bible education than any college-educated doctorate of theology could hope for! Thank you again for all you do!”

“This is just shocking [‘Next Generation Rocking at Lancaster’] and yet not unexpected that it could happen. Keep sounding the warning, Bro Cloud!”

“Thank you for keeping us informed! What is happening at West Coast seems to be an alarming trend of what is happening across our major Fundamental institutions. Unless these students are taught otherwise, they are going with this ungodly culture. ‘Fundamentalism’ is in serious trouble. The old guard is dying off and the young fundamentalists have no stomach for separation. They are really new evangelicals in their thinking and practice. Oh, how desperately we need revival and to hold fast to sound doctrine!”

“Another needful email [‘The CCM Philosophy Spreading among Independent Baptists’]. So few watchmen on the wall. Thank you for being there and taking the heat in such a Biblical and reasoned way. We are so blessed to have left an IFB church  (now CCM) and now fellowship in a small IFB church where the old hymns are sung by the congregation as we praise our great and mighty God!”

“I just want to say honestly from my heart your writings and research about so many issues and areas of Christianity and science/creationism everything has been a huge help to me personally and a great encouragement. This is not flattery this my honest testimony and I thank God first of all for how He has used you this way. When you came to our church you preached that most Christians either don't buy your books and the enclopedia or they buy but don't use. This rebuked me as I realized my spiritual ignorance of the Bible and related topics/issues that concern us (or should) today. I bought and use them all the time and though I am not near as faithful as I should be, I have grown more than ever before. It is a shame that I started so late but especially your course on studying and interpreting the Bible and the disciplines of keeping diaries and such has helped me unlock things in my Bible reading and study. I know the Holy Spirit guides us into all truth, but the tools you have worked hard to publish have aided me a lot.”

“I for one appreciate the candid and informative Biblical scrutiny you provide. It has sharpened my perspective a little more by knowing what is going on. ... I continue to learn and have a lot of growing to do and I am grateful for men who will sound the trumpet with a clear discernible sound.”

“Thank you for your untiring assault on that which is wicked. Yes, wicked! Thank you for taking the heat when most of the cowards hide behind someone’s coat tail! I applaud you and pray faithfully for you that God continues to use you for His glory. You are a light in a dim world. ... I pray God gives you a backbone like a saw log and that you will hold your head up high as you continue your work for our great Lord and Master Jesus Christ.”

“Thank you, dear Brother Cloud, for your stand on music -- really on Biblical separation. My wife and I also were saved out of a rock and roll lifestyle etc. praise the Lord Jesus. We believe that you're spot on with the music issue, and we're grateful for your labour to warn others, and encourage us. We have just had a wonderful Bible conference which included three short messages on music ... and it was a wonderful blessing. It is a very real battle to stay 'conservative' with music -- and every area, but we're in the battle, by the grace of Christ. Thank you for your ministry. Please accept spiritual hugs from us.”

“Please keep up the good work. While your ceaseless efforts to warn and set Christians aright may not be appreciated and may seem to fall on countless deaf ears and hardened hearts, they WILL be fully realized when eternity begins. As scripture points out, God is NOT mocked and his glory will he NOT give to another. The ‘Emerging Church’ phenomenon that we’re currently experiencing is symptomatic of the ... slide towards the Great Apostasy, and as the Lord tarries, it WILL eventually give birth to something yet more insidious just like every fad usually does.”

“I cannot tell you how much I appreciate Brother Cloud's articles on rock music, worship music, and all else, really. My background is not Baptist ... I have written before, explaning our spiritual history. I am not sure how I originally found your website, about a year ago almost, but I am grateful. It is helping me sort through things that have concerned me for a long, long time. Thank you so very, very much.”

“Love your writing on music. I appreciated the citing of sources, and think your analysis of music is spot on. Keep up the good work. I know that the fight for virtue can be lonely at times.”

“Again thank you very much for the [free video downloads on the subject of music]. We certainly are in agreement with the stand you've taken and frankly are blown away by the apostasy on every hand. We truly have felt betrayed by majesty music. We dropped their patch the pirate program a few years ago, when we realized where they were headed, even though we didn’t know the full extent of it all. We sent a letter which was answered in a nonchalant way by some secretary. We didn't get the time of day!”

“I wanted to write and say ‘Thank You’ for faithfully serving the Lord. The books and videos that you have available on and through your website have been a huge blessing in my life. A little over two years ago I trusted Christ as my Savior and your books have been a tremendous help as I grow in the Lord. I have learned things the past 2 years that I never even heard preached as I was growing up in an ‘independent Baptist church’ (it held the name and stand in some areas, but was actually pretty liberal). I even went to what I once thought was a conservative Baptist Bible college and spent a year on the mission field as part of my college classes. I made a profession as a child (easy prayerism) and clung to that prayer for 24 years. I am so glad that God has opened my eyes and I am no longer trusting in the prayer I said as a child, but am trusting Christ for my salvation.”

“I have been greatly blessed by all your material, much of which I have purchased. Your warnings regards CCM have not been wasted on me as I was into R&R in the 60s,70s and 80s. I also tinkered with Hinduism but ‘Praise GOD’ it never got its hooks into me. I now attend an IFB Church that is KJV friendly, uses traditional worship “only” and teaches ‘the whole council of GOD’!”


The word Trinity is not in The Bible. God works in three OFFICES; the Fatherhood, the Sonship and in The Holy Spirit. These three are ONE; the same God in three functions. Not a trinity, that's heathen. The trinity is an old catholic dogma.”

“You are unbeliveable and anti evangelical.”

“I read your article on legalism, and yes, you are a legalist. You seem to believe that somehow listening to a song with drums and guitar will send you to hell. That’s the same as works based faith. I believe in the Lord, but he’ll throw me to the dogs if I read something other than the KJV. How pitiful of a God we would have if this were the case.”


“After I prayed today with a friend, our Blessed Saviour gave me several visions relative to the ebola plague, its spread in this nation and also its spread in some other nations. I saw in that vision an angel, who poured out a large vial of a dark substance upon this nation, near the middle of the nation.  Soon after the angel poured out this vial upon this nation, which I understood to be one of the plagues from the Book of Revelation  ...  It seemed that the whole nation was covered in blood and I knew that I was seeing the rapid advancement of this ebola virus in this nation! ... After I received the above part of this vision, I then was taken into an underground base and there I saw the President of this nation. Along with him were a small group of people, though I cannot be certain that they were all humans; and I say this because of the high-reptile hybrids, who look like humans. ... I watched them there and I knew that they were in the midst of a plot, a very great plot, indeed; and that plot was to determine how to spread this virus among the people in this nation at a more alarming rate.”

“Late Saturday, Nov. 22, as I watched people doing their Christmas-shopping, I believe that the Holy Spirit moved in/on me to start writing the ‘Hussite Warriors’ song below, based on the ‘Little Drummer Boy’ Christmas-carol. 
1.) Hus-site war-riors, pa rum pum pum pum
In the 14 hundreds, pa rum pum pum pum
Five Crusades fought against them, rum pum pum pum
These mighty men of God, pa rum pum pum pum,
rum pum pum pum, rum pum pum pum.
Their story teaches us: pa rum pum pum pum
Learn from these men. ...
10.) This new man now in Rome, pa rum pum pum pum -Rev. 13:11-18, Rev. 17, 18, 19:1-3
And soon the Man of Sin, pa rum pum pum pum -2 Thess. 2:3, Rev. 13:1-10
Will conquer world-wide, pa rum pum pum pum -Rev. 6:2
Rule through technology, pa rum pum pum pum,
rum pum pum pum, rum pum pum pum -Rev. 13:14-18
How can God's people win, pa rum pum pum pum
And His will be done? ...
--again strongly--
14.) End Time Hussite warriors, pa rum pum pum pum
Do you love Jesus Christ? Pa rum pum pum pum
Will you serve Him till death, pa rum pum pum pum
Ask Him what He wants done? Pa rum pum pum pum,
rum pum pum pum, rum pum pum pum
Hus-site war-riors, pa rum pum pum pum
Our time has now come,
Our time has now come,
Our time has now come.


David Cloud, Fundamental Baptist Information Service, P.O. Box 610368, Port Huron, MI 48061, 866-295-4143,

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