Biblical Separatism
by David W. Cloud
This video series teaches the doctrine of biblical separation. What is separation? Is separatism worth fighting over? Are there "essentials" and "non-essentials." Is teaching on Separation a major part of the Word of God?

These lessons, presented by David Cloud at a Bible Conference in Manitoba Canada, provide a firm scriptural foundation on the doctrine of separation. Every Christian should know the Biblical principles presented in this series.

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The Transformational Power of Contemporary
Praise Music

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This multi-media presentation, featuring a wealth of still pictures, audio and video clips describes the power of Contemporary Worship Music to change the character of a "traditional" Bible-believing church. We analyze the reason why this music lies at the heart and soul of many of the dramatic changes that are coming to "fundamentalist" churches.

The transformational power is two-fold: It lies in the music's underlying philosophy and in the character of the music itself. We first document the philosophy of CCM, which is a doctrine of license under the guise of a more relaxed, grace-filled approach to Christian living and theology. On the musical side, we examine the elements of contemporary worship, every aspect of which is designed to create a sensual, mystical emotional experience.

As Michael W. Smith says, contemporary music "helps you enter into the presence of God." The major elements are the syncopated dance rhythms, un-resolving chord sequences, sensual vocal techniques, electronic modulation, the rise and fall in intensity, and the repetition. We illustrate and analyze each of these elements.


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