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Sowing and Reaping - Video Download
A Course in Evangelism

Sowing and Reaping
This teaching video is based on the material which is found in our book Sowing & Reaping. It is unique in its approach. While it is practical and down-to-earth, it does not present a formulaic approach to soul winning, recognizing that individuals have to be dealt with as individuals. The course does not include any sort of psychological manipulation techniques. It does not neglect repentance in soul winning, carefully explaining the biblical definition of repentance and the place of repentance in personal evangelism. It explains how to use the law of God to plow the soil of the human heart so that the gospel can find good ground.

The course is unique in its objective. The objective of biblical soul winning is not to get people to “pray a sinner’s prayer”; the objective is to see people soundly converted to Christ. This course trains the soul winner to pursue genuine conversions as opposed to mere “decisions.” The course is also unique in its breadth.

The course is suitable for teens and adults and for use in Sunday School, Youth Ministries, Preaching, and private study.

• The Message of Evangelism
• Repentance and Evangelism
• God’s Law and Evangelism
• The Reason for Evangelism
• The Attitude in Evangelism
• The Technique of Evangelism
• Patience, Scripture & Prayer
• Wisdom in Evangelism

Pastor Roger Voegtlin, Fairhhaven Baptist College, writes:
“Your book Sowing and Reaping is excellent. I recommend it strongly.  Our staff and many of our graduates use your materials regularly and, I'm sure, will find this especially helpful. The book is thorough as your materials always are and will be a help to sincere soul winners.”

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