New Evangelicalism: A Very Great Danger to the Churches

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Do YOU know what "New Evangelicalism" is? Do you know how to combat it? Have you turned your back.. hoping it just goes away?

This presentation deals with the subject of New Evangelicalism from the standpoint of its history, its theology, its most popular defenders and its certain outcome.

Many have said it is the best and most practical presentation they have seen on this subject. New Evangelicalism stands on a shaky middle ground between fundamental Bible-believing Christians and the wider world of Romanism, Pentecostalism and the apostasy of mainline, liberal Protestant denominations. This presentation traces the history of New

Evangelicalism back through the modernism that was prevalent in Germany in the 1800s and in America in the early 1900s. It also examines the faulty philosophies of the men who have promoted New Evangelicalism.

It is impossible to understand the current state of Christianity without understanding the history and philosophy of New Evangelicalism.

This set consists of two presentations. The first,
"New Evangelicalism, A Very Great Danger to the Churches." runs just over an hour and has a "break" at the midpoint thus making possible two 30 minute viewing sessions. The second, "The Apostate Fruit of New Evangelicalism" is 31 minutes in length.

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