New Age Tower of Babel

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Two decades ago the New Age seemed to be more the doctrine of Hollywood movie stars (Shirley MacLaine’s “I am God”) and Star Wars enthusiasts (“may the force be with you”) and the magic-crystal pop culture of rock & roll hippies than the philosophy of the average person or something to be taken seriously in churches or politics.

This wasn’t true then and it definitely isn’t true today. The New Age is on the move!

The New Age philosophy has permeated the self-help, personal transformation field; it has leavened education (from lowest to highest levels) and reached deeply into business, health care, psychological counseling, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, politics and government, athletics and sports, even the military.

Part One:  Introduction
Part Two:  Principles of the New Age
Part Three:  New Age Infiltration of Christianity

Part Four:  Contemplative Mysticism and Meditation
Part Five:  New Age Influence in the Holistic Health Movement
Part Six:  Why Christians are being Deceived by the New Age

Part Seven:  New Evangelicalism and the New Age
Part Eight:  Refuting the New Age
Part Nine:  The Christ of Scripture

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New Age Tower
of Babel

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