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Advanced Bible Study Series
Advanced Bible Study Series
   Bible training.. Twenty advanced bible studies available separately or as a set. Books and eBooks, disk or download.
The Bible and Islam
Bible and Islam, The
    Answers the question: "What does the Bible say about Islam?"..
Bible Separation
Bible Separation: It's Doctrine and Practice
   What does the Bible teach about separation? A look at Biblical separation from the world and doctrinal error. Book and eBook formats.
Bible Times and Ancient Kingdoms
Bible Times & Ancient Kingdoms
   A course on Bible geography, culture, and history. Book and over 4,200 slides in 50 presentations. Available in both Powerpoint (Windows) and Mac (Keynote) formats.
The Discipling Church
Discipling Church, The
   This book aims to help the church planter establish churches on a solid biblical foundation and it exhorts the pastors of existing churches to move forward in their establishment of a Biblical church.
Dressing for the Lord
Dressing for the Lord
   A careful exegesis of 25 key Bible passages on dressing for the Lord. Book and eBook
Faith vs. the Modern Bible Versions
Faith vs. The Modern Bible Versions
   Perhaps the most comprehensive course on the topic in print!
Keeping the Kids
Keeping the Kids
    "Train up a child.." A help for parents and churches on raising children to follow Jesus Christ. Available in Book and ebook formats.
New Evangelicalism
New Evangelicalism
   All about New Evangelicalism, it's history, characteristics, and fruit.
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Old Testament History and Geography
   From the Advanced Bible Study Series.
ONe Year Discipleship Course
One Year Discipleship Course
   Fifty-Two thorough anvd very practical lessons in Christian living. Book and eBook formats.
Pentecostal-Charismactic Movenet
Pentecostal-Charismatic Movements
   The history and the error of the Pentecostal-Charismatic movements.
The Satanic Attack on Sacred Music
Satanic Attack on Sacred Music, The
   An extensive course consisting of a video series and a book.
Sowing and Reaping
Sowing and Reaping: A Course in Evangelism
   An excellent training course in evangelism. How to see people soundly converted to Christ. Book and eBook formats.
Spriitual Safety in the Facebook Age
Spiritual Safety in the Facebook Age
   This comprehensive book on social media dangers and protections is particularly geared for use as a Bible course in homes and churches.
Understanding Bible Prophecy
Understanding Bible Prophecy
   Advanced Bible Study Series. A thorough and practical course that enables the student to understand an enjoy Bible prophecy
Understanding the Bible for Yourself
Understanding the Bible For Youself
   Advanced Bible Study Series. How to get started in Bible study and how to move forward step by step
Unshakeable Faith, A Christian Apologetics Course, An
   Book plus twenty Powerpoint/Keynote slide presentations. There are over 1900 slides in the 18 presentations. eBook edition also available as a download.
What is The Emerging Church?
What Is the Emerging Church?
   A thorough examination of this movement, which involves a new approach to missions and church life among some “evangelicals” for these present times.
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Why We Hold to the King James Bible
   This is an extensive defense of the King James Bible and refutation of the modern versions.
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Woman and her Service to God
   This course seeks to educate women in their service for Christ in this present needy world. encourage them in God’s love, exhort them to be busy serving the Lord. .

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