Cross Stitched All Occasion Cards

also see: Burlap Flower Cards

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These cards are a Mission Project for the ministry in Asia.

Some of the National women make very needed income at home by making BEAUTIFUL CROSS-STITCHED GREETING CARDS. The cross stitches are done on readily available burlap, which gives a unique touch and beauty to an otherwise ordinary material. The cards in which the cross stitches are encased are made entirely of local handmade paper. There is at least a half a day of work in each card.

To help with this needy ministry we have shipped some of the cards to the States and are selling them in packets of five.

These cards would sell for no less than $5 each in any card shop. We recommend purchasing packets of mixed greeting cards to be sent as unique gifts with your Christmas cards. In doing this several people have later received appreciative phone calls asking where they obtained these beautiful cards.

All of the profit from the sale of these cards goes to the women who make the cards.
The distribution in Canada and the States is done by volunteers.

All Occasion Card Assortment
5 assorted cards

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