Materials for Discipling Youth

One of the great weaknesses of Bible-believing homes and churches today is the failure to disciple young people. They are entertained or they are neglected, but rarely are they seriously discipled.

In a conversation with a pastor some years back, he told me that he once believed that the future of the congregation is the youth, but now he believes that the future is those who are won to Christ from the community. From Scripture, it appears to me that a church’s future should be both. We need to be busy winning the people to Christ, but we should also be busy training our own children to be disciples of Christ. To know Him is Life and to learn of Him and serve Him is the purpose of Life. Nothing is more satisfying and delightful.

I have had a passion to help young people for many years now, especially since our first grandchild was born nine years ago. We must train the future generations and protect them from the onslaught of evil.

The following materials are geared for this important work.


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BIBLE TIMES AND ANCIENT KINGDOMS. ISBN 978-1-58318-121-8. This is a package consisting of a book and a DVD with 21 PowerPoint presentations featuring more than 4,200 slides. Basically, these presentations are a graphical edition of the book. They are packed with high quality color photos, drawings, professional historic recreations, and video clips. Bible Times and Ancient Kingdoms can be used for private study as well as Sunday School, home schooling, Bible Institute, and any similar setting. Bible Times and Ancient Kingdoms is a course on Bible geography, Bible culture, and Bible history. It has a two-fold objective: to present apologetic evidence for the Bible and to give background material to help the student better understand the setting of Bible history. We cover this fascinating history from Genesis to the New Testament, dealing with the Table of the Nations in Genesis 10, the Tower of Babel and Ancient Babylon, Ur of the Chaldees, Egypt, Baal worship, the Philistines, the Canaanites, David’s palace, Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, Ahab and Jezebel, the fall of the northern kingdom, the Assyrian Empire, Hezekiah and his times, Nebuchadnezzar and his Babylon, the Medo-Persian Empire, Herod the Great and his temple, the Roman rule over Israel, life in the Roman Empire, and the Roman destruction of Jerusalem. The course also deals with Bible culture, such as weights and measures, plant and animal life, Caesar’s coin, the widow’s mite, ancient scrolls and seals, phylacteries, cosmetics, tombs, and the operation of ancient lamps, millstones, pottery wheels, seals, and olive presses. We begin with an overview of Israel’s geography and a timeline of Bible history to give the student a framework for better understanding the material. Each section includes maps to help the student place the events in their proper location. The course is packed with important but little-known facts that illuminate Bible history and culture. The preparation for the book is extensive, the culmination of 40 years of Bible study, teaching, and research trips. In this context the author built a large personal library and collected information from major archaeological museums and locations in North America, England, Europe, Turkey, and Israel. We guarantee that the student who completes the course will read the Bible with new eyes and fresh enthusiasm. Available as package consisting of a book and a DVD or an eBook download

KEEPING THE KIDS: HOW TO KEEP THE CHILDREN FROM FALLING PREY TO THE WORLD (BOOK). ISBN 978-1-58318-115-7. This book aims to help parents and churches raise children to be disciples of Jesus Christ and to avoid the pitfalls of the world, the flesh, and the devil. The book is a collaborative effort. The book is not designed to be used to train young people; it is designed to be used to train adults so they can train young people. It contains testimonies from hundreds of individuals who provided feedback to our questionnaires on this subject, as well as powerful ideas gleaned from interviews with pastors, missionaries, and church people who have raised godly children. The book is packed with practical suggestions and deals with many issues: Conversion, the husband-wife relationship, the necessity of permeating the home with Christian love, mothers as keepers at home, the father’s role as the spiritual head of the home, child discipline, separation from the pop culture, discipleship of youth, the grandparents’ role, effectual prayer and fasting. Chapter titles include the following: “Conversion,” “The Home: Consistent Christian Living and the Husband-Wife Relationship,” “Child Discipline,” “The Church,” “Unplugging from the Pop Culture,” “Discipleship,” “The Grandparents,” “Grace and the Power of Prayer.” 531 pages, available in print and eBook edition

MUSIC FOR GOOD OR EVIL (video presentation). This series, which is packed with graphics, video and audio clips, has eight segments. I. Biblical Principles of Good Christian Music. II. Why We Reject Contemporary Christian Music. It is worldly, addictive, ecumenical, charismatic, shallow and man-centered, opposed to preaching, experience-oriented, and it weakens the strong biblicist stance of a church. III. The Sound of Contemporary Christian Music. In this section we give the believer simple tools that he can use to discern the difference between sensual and sacred music. We deal with syncopated dance styles, sensual vocal styles, relativistic styles, and overly soft styles that do not fit the message. IV. The Transformational Power of Contemporary Worship Music. We show why CCM is able to transform a “traditional” Bible-believing church into a New Evangelical contemporary one. It’s transformational power resides in its enticing philosophy of “liberty” and in its sensual, addictive music. V. Southern Gospel. We deal with the history of Southern Gospel and its the current character and influence. VI. Marks of Good Song Leading (eight principles of good song leading). VII. Questions Answered on Contemporary Christian Music. We answer 15 of the most common questions on this subject, such as the following: Is rhythm wrong? Isn’t this issue just a matter of different taste? Isn’t the sincerity of the musicians the important thing? Isn’t some CCM acceptable? Didn’t Luther and the Wesleys use tavern music? What is the difference between using CCW and using old non-Baptist hymns? VIII. The Foreign Spirit of Contemporary Worship Music. This presentation documents the frightful spiritual compromise, heresy, and apostasy that permeates the field of contemporary praise. Through extensive documentation, it proves that contemporary worship music is controlled by “another spirit” (2 Cor. 11:4). It is the spirit of charismaticism, the spirit of the “latter rain,” the spirit of Roman Catholicism and the one-world “church,” the spirit of the world that is condemned by 1 John 2:16, the spirit of homosexuality, and the spirit of the false god of The Shack. The presentation looks carefully at the origin of contemporary worship in the Jesus Movement of the 1970s, examining the lives and testimonies of some of the most influential people. Nearly 60 video clips and hundreds of photos are featured. Available on 4 DVDs or as eVideo downloads

ONE YEAR DISCIPLESHIP COURSE. ISBN 978-1-58318-117-1. This powerful course features 52 lessons in Christian living. It can be broken into sections and used as a new converts course, an advanced discipleship course, a Sunday School series, a Home Schooling or Bible Institute course, or for preaching outlines. The lessons are thorough, meaty, and very practical. There is an extensive memory verse program built into the course, and each lesson features carefully designed review questions. Following are some of the lesson titles (some subjects feature multiple lessons): Repentance, Faith, The Gospel, Baptism, Eternal Security, Position and Practice, The Law and the New Testament Christian, Christian Growth and Victory, Prayer, The Armor of God, The Church, The Bible, The Bible’s Proof, Daily Bible Study, Key Principles of Bible Interpretation, Foundational Bible Words, Knowing God’s Will, Making Wise Decisions, Christ’s Great Commission, Suffering in the Christian Life, The Judgment Seat of Christ, Separation - Moral, Separation - Doctrinal, Tests of Entertainment, Fasting, Miracles, A Testing Mindset, Tongues Speaking, The Rapture, How to Be Wise with Your Money, The Believer and Drinking, Abortion, Evolution, Dressing for the Lord. 8.5X11, coated cover, spiral-bound. 221 pages, available in print and eBook edition.

SOWING AND REAPING: A COURSE IN EVANGELISM. ISBN 978-1-58318-169-0. This course is unique in several ways. It is unique in its approach. While it is practical and down-to-earth, it does not present a formulaic approach to soul winning, recognizing that individuals have to be dealt with as individuals. The course does not include any sort of psychological manipulation techniques. It does not neglect repentance in soul winning, carefully explaining the biblical definition of repentance and the place of repentance in personal evangelism. It explains how to use the law of God to plow the soil of the human heart so that the gospel can find good ground. The course is unique in its objective. The objective of biblical soul winning is not to get people to “pray a sinner’s prayer”; the objective is to see people soundly converted to Christ. This course trains the soul winner to pursue genuine conversions as opposed to mere “decisions.” The course is also unique in its breadth. It covers a wide variety of situations, including how to deal with Hindus and with skeptics and how to use apologetics or evidences in evangelism. There is a memory course consisting of 111 select verses and links to a large number of resources that can be used in evangelism, many of them free. The course is suitable for teens and adults and for use in Sunday School, Youth Ministries, Preaching, and private study. OUTLINE: The Message of Evangelism, Repentance and Evangelism, God’s Law and Evangelism, The Reason for Evangelism, The Authority for Evangelism, The Power for Evangelism, The Attitude in Evangelism, The Technique of Evangelism, Using Tracts in Evangelism, Dealing with Skeptics. Pastor Roger Voegtlin, Fairhhaven Baptist College, writes: “Your book Sowing and Reaping is excellent. I recommend it strongly.  Our staff and many of our graduates use your materials regularly and, I'm sure, will find this especially helpful. The book is thorough as your materials always are and will be a help to sincere soul winners.” Available in print and eBook edition

AN UNSHAKEABLE FAITH: A CHRISTIAN APOLOGETICS COURSE. ISBN 978-1-58318-119-5. (Second edition January 2013) This course is built upon nearly 40 years of serious Bible study and apologetics writing. Research was done in the author’s personal 6,000-volume library plus in major museums and other locations in America, England, Europe, Australia, Asia, Turkey, Greece, and the Middle East. The package consists of a 360-page apologetics course (both print and eBook editions are supplied) plus 20 professional PowerPoint/Keynote presentations featuring 2,253 slides dealing with archaeology (ancient writing, Ur, Egypt, Babylon, Assyria, Lachish, Hezekiah’s tunnel, Medo-Persia, evidence from Israel itself, Luke’s writings, the Roman Empire), evolution/creation science (natural selection, mutations, fossil record, homology, peppered moth, Darwin’s finch, fruit fly, Lucy, Laetoli, vestigial organs, Haekel’s embryo chart, the Miller experiment, horse, whale and bird evolution, billions of years, icons of creation), and prophecies pertaining to Israel’s history. (Keynote is the Apple version of PowerPoint.) The course can be used for private study as well as in practically any Bible-teaching setting, such as teen and adult Sunday Schools, Youth Groups, Bible Institutes, and Home Schooling. The course is extensive and has a lot of depth, but this does not mean that it must be used as a whole or that it is limited to a “seminary” setting. It can be adapted to any age group from teen and older and can be divided into segments for any length of study, from one month to a year. The course can also be used as a reference manual. Practically any question that arises in the context of evolution, creation science, archaeology, Christ’s resurrection, etc., can be answered from this book. There are review questions and a summary of the course, which emphasizes the major points that the students should master. The major sections include The Bible’s Nature, The Bible’s Proof, The Dead Sea Scrolls, The Bible’s Difficulties, Historical Evidence for Jesus, Evidence for Christ’s Resurrection, Archaeological Treasures Confirming the Bible, A History of Evolution, Icons of Evolution, Icons of Creation, Noah’s Ark and the Global Flood. The course is printed on 8.5x11-inch stock with coated color cover and is spiral-bound so it can be laid flat.


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