Youth Discipleship Library

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A digital library containing 20 hours of video courses, presentations, plus books totaling 4,500 pages.

This digital library is especially designed to assist pastors, teachers, and parents in discipling young people. It is intended to accompany the youth discipleship course entitled The Mobile Phone and the Christian Home and Church, a copy of which is included with the library.  

• An Unshakeable Faith: A Christian Apologetics Course
(425-page pdf ebook plus 27 PowerPoint presentations featuring 3,500 professional slides)

• Bible Times and Ancient Kingdoms: Treasures from Archaeology
(500 page pdf ebook plus 19 Powerpoint presentations with 3,200 professional slides. - Note: Keynote on Mac can open Powerpoint files)
• Acts of the Apostles
• Baptist Music Wars
• Believer’s Bible Dictionary
• The Bible Knowledge Test
• Bible Separation: Its Doctrine and Practice
• The Effectual Bible Student
(12 video presentations plus class notes)
• Dressing for the Lord
• The Four Gospels
• The Four Gospels Test
• Keeping the Kids: How to Keep the Children from Falling Prey to the World
• Music for Good or Evil
(10 mp4 video presentations)
• Old Testament History and Geography
• Old Testament History and Geography Maps
• One-Year Discipleship Course
• Proverbs
• Proverbs test
• Rock & Roll’s War Against God
• Sowing and Reaping: A Course in Evangelism
• The Mobile Phone and the Christian Home and Church
• Things Hard to Be Understood: A Handbook on Biblical Difficulties
• Why Most Churches Will Be Emerging within 20 Years.

(Unless otherwise noted the listed item is an eBook in PDF format.)

Youth Discipleship Library


Note: These are pdf, mp4 video, and powerpoint files on disk. You will need the appropriate software/app on your computer or mobile device to read and view these files.