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A Portrait of Christ
A Portrait of Christ: The Tabernacle, The Priesthood, The Offerings
   A detailed study of the Tabernacle, Priesthood, and Offerings and how they typify Christ. Book and eBook available.
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An Unshakeable Faith: A Christian Apologetics Course
   18 PowerPoint/Keynote presentations (1,850 slides) and Course Book. Book and eBook formats.
Bapist Music Wars
Baptist Music Wars
eBook version is free
   A warning about the transformational power of Contemporary Christian Music. Book. eBook version is free.
The Bible and Islam
Bible and Islam, The
eBook version is free
   Answers the question: "What does the Bible say about Islam?".
Bible Separation: Its Doctrine and Practice
   A look at Biblical separation from the world and doctrinal error. Book and eBook.
Bible Times and Ancient Kingdoms by David Cloud
Bible Times & Ancient Kingdoms, Treasures From Archaeology
   Bible geography, culture, and history. Book and 3,200 plus PowerPoint/Keynote presentations. Book and eBook each with slides.
The Discipling Church
Discipling Church, The
   This book aims to help the church planter establish churches on a solid biblical foundation and it exhorts the pastors of existing churches to move forward in their establishment of a Biblical church. New, April 5 2017.
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Dressing For the Lord
   A careful exegesis of 25 key Bible passages on dressing for the Lord. Book and eBook.
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Effectual Bible Student, The
   Book and DVD set. Download set is free.
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Holiness: Pitfalls, Struggles, and Victory
   This book deals with every aspect of Christian holiness or sanctification, both doctrinal and practical.
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Jews in Fighter Jets: Israel, Past Present Future
   Jews in Fighter Jews covers the past 2,500 years of the history of the most important and amazing nation on earth, the only nation directly created by God and called by God “my people,” the nation to whom “were committed the oracles of God” and “of whom, as concerning the flesh Christ came” (Romans 3:2; 9:5).
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Keeping the Kids
   A help for parents and churches on raising children to follow Jesus Christ. Book and eBook.
The Mobile Phone
Mobile Phone and the Christian Home and Church, The
eBook version is free
   This practical and far-reaching youth discipleship course deals with the parent’s part, the church’s part, and the youth’s part in winning and discipling young people..
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New Evangelicalism: Its History Characteristics and Fruit
eBook version is free
   Are you prepared to identify and resist New Evangelicalism? An important topic!
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One Year Discipleship Course
   A powerful course featuring 52 lessons in Christian living. Book and eBook formats.
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Sowing and Reaping- A Course in Evangelism
   A course which is unique in its approach and unique in its breadth. Book and eBook formats. Book and eBook formats.
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What is the Emerging Church?
   What is the "Emerging Church" and why do we need to "watch" for it? Book and eBook formats.
Woman and Her Service to God
Woman and Her Service to God
   This course seeks to educate women in their service for Christ in this present needy world, encourage them in God’s love, exhort them to be busy serving the Lord. New: Dec 4 2017.

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