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Book - Understanding Bible Prophecy
Understanding Bible Prophecy

This book is a thorough and practical course that enables the student to understand an enjoy Bible prophecy. It deals with the interpretation of prophecy, dispensationalism, the covenants, the kingdom of God, the nations in prophecy, and Messianic prophecy.

A large section is devoted to "a prophetic overview of the future," detailing the Bible's prophecies that have not yet been fulfilled.

In this 5th edition there are the following new sections: The ministry of the prophets, the prophets from Adam to Malachi, the division of the writing prophets, the divine inspiration of the prophets, how God spoke to the prophets, the repetition of the prophets, the school of the prophets, the chronological order of the prophets, and the prophetic writings as legal documents.

This latest edition of Understanding Bible Prophecy also represents a major reconstruction of the course based on extensive new study and research over the past few years, including research in Israel itself.

We have added memory verses for most of the sections. The sections on “Interpretation of Prophecy,” "Messianic Prophecies," and the "Covenants" has been extensively reworked and enlarged.

The old sections on “The Kingdom of God” and “A Prophetic Overview of the Future” have been reworked and greatly expanded under the title of “Great Prophetic Events of the Future.” In this section we cover the Valley of Dry Bones, the Rapture, the Tribulation, the Antichrist, the Conversion of Israel, the Battle of Armageddon, the Resurrections and Judgments, Christ’s Kingdom, and the New Jerusalem.

5th edition, Feb 2018 - 340 pages,

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