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These three books from our Advanced Bible Study Series constitute our "Bible Survey." Three books at a special price.

The aim of this course is three-fold: To give an overview of the Bible and how each part fits together into the whole; To give the history of the Bible from creation in Genesis to the establishment of the first churches in Acts; To give the student a working knowledge of the geography of the Bible

This course can be divided into multiple courses if the situation necessitates, such as the following:
Genesis (Creation, Fall, Christ’s early genealogy, the Flood, Babylon, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph)
Exodus (the exodus from Egypt, the giving of the Law at Mt. Sinai, the Tabernacle)
Leviticus - Deuteronomy (40 year wilderness wandering, repetition of the Law, Prophecy of Israel’s history)
Joshua-Ruth (conquering of the Promised Land, the Judges, Ruth)
The Kings (the Kingdom from Saul to Zedekiah, the Babylonian Captivity and Return, between the Testaments)

The Old Testament History & Geography Course includes a 66 slide presentation in both Powerpoint & Keynote format.

This course begins with the period between the Testaments and then covers the book of Matthew thoroughly, almost verse by verse. It then deals with Mark, Luke, and John by considering the unique aspects of those books that are not contained in Matthew. Four excellent maps are included and are used throughout the course, so the student gains an understanding of where the various events take place during the life of Christ. The course is extremely practical and doctrinal and can be used for discipleship. The difficulties and alleged contradictions in the Gospels are dealt with as the course progresses. The course includes review questions.


This course covers one of the most exciting and important books in the Bible. It deals very practically with church and missionary endeavor and also covers many important and foundation doctrines and practices, such as the resurrection and second coming of Christ, the Holy Spirit, salvation, repentance, inspiration, preaching, prophecy, baptism, church membership, the Lord's supper, Christian charity, apostles, deacons, missionaries, pastors, bishops, ordination, offerings, the nature of the church, prayer, holiness, martyrdom, and evangelism.

The course refutes many false doctrines that are prevalent today, such as Charismatic tongues, healing, and second blessing. It clears up many controversial issues such as the difference between the baptism and filling of the Holy Spirit, the woman's role in the ministry, baptismal regeneration, election, sign miracles, repentance, modern church growth practices, and how to deal with false teaching.

The course includes several Bible maps, and the student learns where each event in the book of Acts takes place.

This study now includes a Maps presentations disk which contains both Powerpoint and Keynote (Mac) presentations. These presentations are great for the classroom.

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