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This course covers the Epistle of Romans, the first epistle in order in the New Testament because it is certainly the most important doctrinal epistle.

The book of Romans is an orderly presentation of the gospel, of the way of salvation. It answers the great question, “How can a man be righteous before God?”

It was also written to give Christians a doctrinal basis for their faith. It covers the important doctrines of salvation, sanctification, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, Christian living, prophecy, and much more.

Romans was also written to defeat the false teachers who were trying to confuse the believers of that day. The best way to overthrow the work of false teachers is to preach doctrinal truth carefully, point by point, and that is what we see in Romans and that is what we do in this course.

We cover almost every verse in Romans and deal carefully with all of the difficult passages. 172 pages

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