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How to Study the Bible

This practical course on Bible study deals with requirements for effective Bible study, marking the Bible, rules of Bible interpretation, and dispensational Bible study.

It teaches the student how to use Bible study tools and how to study individual passages, topics, books, parables, people, and types. The last section deals with Bible difficulties.

This course can help the student in eight ways:
1. It will help him learn how to understand the Bible.

2. It will teach him how to use the best Bible tools effectively, such as a concordance, a topical study guide, cross-references, a study Bible, a Bible dictionary, and a Bible commentary.

3. It will help him learn how to study the Bible fruitfully, so that he will be excited about his Bible study can apply it to his life and grow spiritually.

4. It will help him learn how to be persistent in his Bible study even when he becomes discouraged or bored or distracted.

5. It will give him many fresh ideas for studying the Bible. The student will find literally hundreds of ideas to make his own Bible study more exciting and beneficial.

6. It will help him understand the difficult things in the Bible, including parables, Old Testament types, perceived contradictions, and difficult doctrinal passages. Not only will the student be shown the solution to many of the difficulties, but he will also learn how to solve the difficulties for himself.

7. It will help him learn how to teach the Bible to others.

8. It will protect him from being confused by false doctrine

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