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Way of Life Literature

Publisher of Bible Study Materials

The Gospels
The Four Gospels

Now includes disk with 1,400 Slides (Powerpoint/Keynote)

For this 2016 edition, the material was greatly enlarged and completely revised throughout. Enlarged and new studies include the Sermon on the Mount and Christ’s teaching in John 13-17. In addition, the review questions have been expanded.

Memory verses have been added to each section. The old maps have been replaced with improved ones.

This new course is accompanied by 28 PowerPoint presentations containing 1,400 slides with professional photos, graphics, and short video clips. These deal with Bible culture, Bible lands and geography, and Bible history.

Book: Sample Pages 25 page sample from the pdf book
Presentation Sets include (Powerpoint/windows, Keynote/Mac)
- Christ's ministry on the Sea of Galilee (170 slides)
- Christ's Passion Week (169 slides)
- From Jerusalem to Jericho (87 slides)
- Herod's Temple and the Roman Era (346 slides)
- Israel's geography (141 slides)
- Maps

The slide sets also include 23 shorter presentations on
Bible Culture including:
Battlement, Camel, Cosmetics, Cursed Fig Tree, Ephah Manger, False Messiah's, Fine Linen, Fishing, Herodian Lamp, Millstone, Mustard Seed, Olive and Olive Press, Phylactery, Pomegranate, Pottery, Scrolls, Seals, Sycomore Tree, Synagogue, Tombs, Tribute money, and Widown's Mite.

Slides: 20 Slide Sample pdf of 20 random images from Maps and Christ's Passion Week presentations.

Note: There are approximately 27 short video clips in the slides. For these clips to play in the Powerpoint sets your Windows computer must be able to play mp4 video files. Your software must also be somewhat up to date to play the clips.

Printed edition with Powerpoints/Keynotes on disk
285 pages, available in softcover, spiral bound, or large print spiral bound.

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