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Way of Life Literature

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This large course covers one of the most important books in the Bible, the book of beginnings.

Genesis is the foundation for the rest of the Bible. In fact, it is impossible to understand the rest of the Bible apart from this book. Genesis explains the mysteries of life, the origin of our world, the purpose of human life, the great mysteries of pain, sorrow, and death.

Genesis prepares the way for the gospel by describing manxs fall and documenting the early genealogy of the Messiah and the covenants upon which the gospel is based.

Genesis also points to the last days and brings New Testament doctrine to life in its character studies. This is a life-changing study of one of the worlds most amazing books.

The course deals with the geography and customs of Genesis and the location of each event is noted on one of the course's six maps. Each section is concluded with a series of review questions

Printed edition: 7"x8" 334 pages available in softcover, spiral bound, or large print spiral bound.

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