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The Advanced Bible Study Series - Complete Set

Includes Books, Slide Presentations, and Maps
Available as Printed Books or as a Download PDF Set

ABSS - Complete Set
Way of Life’s Advanced Bible Studies Series is a serious set of Bible studies, equivalent to a complete Bible College curriculum. We don’t believe that you will find better quality, more truly life-changing Bible courses from any other source.

We are continually revising the courses, and with each new edition they become more mature. There are currently 18 titles averaging 265 pages each. Note that A History of the Churches is in two volumes so in total there are 19 softcover books in the set. (On the download set
A History of the Churches is one pdf file which contains both volumes.)

The subjects are Acts, Bible History and Geography, The Bible Version Issue, Defense of the Faith, First Corinthians, The Four Gospels, Genesis, Give Attendance to Doctrine, A History of the Churches from a Baptist Perspective, How to Study the Bible, James, Job, The New Testament Church, Pastoral Epistles, Proverbs, Psalms, Romans, and Understanding Bible Prophecy. (The place to start is with “How to Study the Bible.)

The courses are based strictly upon the King James Bible and the powerful word studies assist in the understanding of the KJV but do not cast doubt upon it. They are thorough and comprehensive, yet they are laid out in outlines that are easily taught. They are very practical and have the objective of producing well-equipped Christian soldiers that have a solid understanding of the Bible and God’s perfect will.

They stress holy and obedient Christian living and separation from worldliness and error. They magnify evangelism and the New Testament church and promote world missions. They emphasize the essential differences between law and grace, the church and Israel, positional and practical sanctification, and they continually fortify the student’s understanding of the life-changing doctrines such as justification, substitutionary atonement, and eternal security.

The courses are non-Calvinistic and interpret Bible prophecy from a literal pre-tribulational perspective.

A History of the Churches and The Four Gospels include disks that contain Powerpoint presentations and maps. See the descriptions of each book for details. Old Testament History and Geography comes with a 66 slide map presentation.

Note that tests are not available for all books. The tests are being phased out as Review Questions are now being included in the books.

The ABSS Books "Hebrews," "Daniel." and "Revelation" have been revised and are now found in the Commentary series.
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18 Titles, 19 Books, Presentations, Maps.
The two History of the Churches volumes are in one pdf file.


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