Friday Church News Notes - Help

Downloading the Graphical Version of FCNN….
When you click the download button the Friday Church News will download to your browser's (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc) download folder. (The pdf may download and automatically open. More below.) If you don't know where your download folder is please consult your browser's help system. Each browser downloads and reacts differently and even different versions of the same browser will vary on how downloads are handled. Using your browser's help system is the best way to learn about it.
Reading your Friday Church News….
The pdf file may automatically open for you upon completion of the download. It depends on your browser (Internet Explorer, Chroem, Safari, Firefox, etc) and you have your device and browser options (preferences) set.

If your pdf does not open at dowload will need Adobe Reader 7.0 or later (or equivalent other app) to read Friday Church News Notes. You can download the latest version of Adobe Reader at (It's a free download)
Will the graphical Friday Church News pdf work on my mobile device?
Just about all modern mobile devices support pdf files. The quality of text and images will depend upon your device and app. We have personally viewed FCNN pdf's on:

• PC with Windows - Adobe Reader
• Mac OSX - Preview, Adobe Reader, Acrobat Pro, Adobe Digital Editions, Kindle for Mac, (and more)
• Kindle Fire, Kindle Touch, Kindle PaperWhite
• iPad (Bluefire, iBooks, Kindle for iPad, iAnnotate, GoodReader, (and more)
• iPhone 5 (Safari, BlueFire, Kindle for iPhone)

Tip for small devices such as smart phones….
Most apps will always display the whole pdf on screen, thus making it very small which requires the use of "zooming." However… if your browser is setup to display pdfs it may display the page as a scrollable "full screen width" page. Safari on an iPhone 5 does this. You can turn the phone "landscape view" and the doc will become a full width scrollable document. Though small, the text is readable. You will have to scroll down, but you don't need to scroll from side to side.
For Further Help….
If you need further help please contact