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Friday Church News Notes
Volume 18, Issue 14 - April 7, 2017
The Friday Church News Notes is designed for use in churches and is published by Way of Life Literature. Unless otherwise stated, the Notes are written by David Cloud. Of necessity we quote from a wide variety of sources, though this does not imply an endorsement.
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ARCHAEOLOGISTS IDENTIFY JERUSALEM WALL BREACHED BY ROME IN AD 70 (Friday Church News Notes, April 7, 2017,, 866-295-4143) - The following is excerpted from “Uncovering Jerusalem’s Ancient Walls,” Israel Today, April 2017: “[W]orkers were breaking ground for a new campus of the Bazalel Academy of Arts and Design ... when they stumbled upon the very spot where Roman soldiers breached Jerusalem’s city walls 2,000 years ago. Archaeologists were summoned to examine the evidence of the Roman breach which occurred at the end of the Second Temple Period. They found the remains of a tower jutting from the city wall and scores of catapults and huge stones used by the Romans to sling at the Jewish guards defending Jerusalem from the top of the tower. ... ‘This is a fascinating testimony of the intensive bombardment by the Roman army, led by Titus, on their way to conquering the city and destroying the Second Temple,’ the archaeologists said in a statement. ‘The bombardment was intended to attack the sentries guarding the wall and provide cover for the Roman forces so they could approach the wall with battering rams and thereby breach the city’s defenses.’ The first century Jewish-Roman historian Flavius Josephus was an eye witness to the Jewish War with Rome and provides many details about this wall. ... The discovery of this wall which runs all the way up to today’s Russian Compound is proof that the boundaries of the ancient Jerusalem were well outside what is commonly known as the Old City.”

INSTAGRAM THE MOST NARCISSISTIC SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM (Friday Church News Notes, April 7, 2017,, 866-295-4143) - The following is excerpted from “Millennials: Instagram the Most Narcissistic,”, Mar. 29, 2017: “With just a few filters, a little saturation, and a clever caption, social media can make even the most average Joe look like an esteemed socialite. Social media applications have become wildly effective tools for users that seek to enhance their public persona, regardless of if that portrayal is accurate or not. But, which platform has become the biggest ego-booster? According to new data gathered by LendEDU, Instagram has become the clear leader in a crowded field of social media apps fueled by narcissistic posters. ... Social media applications have created an interesting dynamic. Users, especially millennials, have seemingly become self-aware of the ridiculous reasons they use social media for. Young people will not beat around the bush as to why they use social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, or Twitter. They use these platforms to boast of their daily tidings, carefully craft their public image, and feed their egos in this interconnected digital age. ... LendEDU found that 64 percent of millennials believe Instagram, a mobile photo-sharing application, is the most narcissistic social media platform. In fact, Instagram received more votes as the most vain social media app than Facebook (10%), Snapchat (15%), and Twitter (11%) combined. Instagram enables users to post pictures and videos, usually of themselves, to a direct and constantly updating feed that other users can scroll through. Users that post on Instagram are fueled by one thing: likes. The world of social media has become so expansive and diverse that its original intent has become convoluted. Most likely, it was for users to give updates, both positive and negative, on their lives to friends that have become harder to catch up with as schedules become busier and distances become further. However, today’s social media has a much different purpose, especially for millennials. For most of this demographic, social media is a powerful tool with the ability to create an entirely new persona, void of reality. The formula is quite simple. If you post enough artsy, chic pictures of yourself that rack up plenty of ‘likes,’ then real life accomplishments will not matter because the popularity of your social media accounts will determine your status on the social hierarchy.”

LONDONISTAN: 423 NEW MOSQUES, 500 CLOSED CHURCHES (Friday Church News Notes, April 7, 2017,,, 866-295-4143) - The following is excerpted from “Londonistan,” Giulio Meotti, The Gatestone Institute, Apr. 2, 2017: “‘London is more Islamic than many Muslim countries put together’ according to Maulana Syed Raza Rizvi, one of the Islamic preachers who now lead ‘Londonistan’ as the journalist Melanie Phillips has called the English capital. ... Londonistan, with its new 423 mosques, is built on the sad ruins of English Christianity. The Hyatt United Church was bought by the Egyptian community to be converted to a mosque. St Peter’s Church has been converted into the Madina Mosque. The Brick Lane Mosque was built on a former Methodist church. Not only buildings are converted, but also people. The number of converts to Islam has doubled; often they embrace radical Islam, as with Khalid Masood, the terrorist who struck Westminster. The Daily Mail published photographs of a church and a mosque a few meters from each other in the heart of London. At the Church of San Giorgio, designed to accommodate 1,230 worshipers, only 12 people gathered to celebrate Mass. At the Church of Santa Maria, there were 20. ... ‘In another 20 years there are going to be more active Muslims than there are churchgoers,’ said Keith Porteous Wood, director of the National Secular Society. Since 2001, 500 London churches of all denominations have been turned into private homes. During the same period, British mosques have been proliferating. ... The Wahhabis control six percent of mosques in the UK, while the fundamentalist Deobandi control up to 45%. ... London is also full of sharia courts. There are officially 100. ... The British ambassador in Saudi Arabia, Simon Collis, converted to Islam and completed the pilgrimage to Mecca, the hajj. He now calls himself Haji Collis.”

solomon's porch
PORTION OF COLUMN FROM HEROD’S TEMPLE DISCOVERED (Friday Church News Notes, April 7, 2017,,, 866-295-4143) - [Note: Photo's are of reconstructions of Solomon's Portch.] The following is excerpted from “Section of 2nd-Temple-era column found,” Israel Hayom, Apr. 4, 2017: “The capital of a carefully-adorned column that stood on the Temple Mount in the time of the Second Temple has been discovered through the Temple Mount Sifting Project. The capital, whose size indicates that the column had a circumference of 75 centimeters (30 inches) at its top, is a section of one column that formed part of the double colonnade that surrounded the Temple Mount plaza. In his book The War of the Jews, Romano-Jewish historian Josephus describes the columns that surrounded the Temple Mount plaza: ‘All the cloisters were double, and the pillars belonging to them were 25 cubits in height, and supported the cloisters. ... The natural magnificence and excellent polish and the harmony of the joints in these cloisters afforded a prospect that was very remarkable.’ Dr. Gabriel Barkay, the director of the Temple Mount Sifting Project, said that ‘this is a capital in the Doric style, one of the characteristics of the art in the time of the Hasmonean dynasty. This appears to be the capital of a column that formed part of the eastern colonnade of the Temple Mount, which Josephus and even the
_DSC5324 - Version 3
New Testament called Solomon’s Porch. A column like this is impressive testimony of the immensity of the structures on the Temple Mount in the Second Temple era, and fits in well with Josephus’ narrative, which describes what he saw with his own eyes.’ Barkay explained that a 25-cubit column would have stood 12.5 meters (41 feet) high. ‘The columns were erected in two parallel rows, and were topped with cedar rafters that supported the roofing. One can imagine the pilgrims arriving at the Temple Mount for the three major festivals, amazed at the immense structure that appeared before them after they passed through the gates to the Temple Mount into the plaza that surrounded the Temple. The columns around the plaza provided shade for the thousands of visitors that would be on the mount at once,’ Barkay said.”

THE PASTORAL SLIDE INTO COMPROMISE (Friday Church News Notes, April 7, 2017,, 866-295-4143) - Compromise of the truth does not happen at once. It is incremental. In the case of a pastor, it can be witnessed in his preaching as he gradually tones down his reproof of sin and error. The Bible says the preacher is to reprove, rebuke, exhort (2 Timothy 4:2), to rebuke with all authority (Titus 2:15), and to reprove the unfruitful works of darkness (Ephesians 5:11). He is to preach the whole counsel of God (Acts 20:27). This requires plain speaking and warning of sin and error, but the compromising preacher is more concerned with not offending man than being faithful to God, so he gradually tones down his reproof to suit the sentiments of the people. Over the past 20 years we have seen the toning down of reproof pertaining to immodest and unisex fashions, tattoos, carnal music, self-esteem psychology, evangelical compromise, and a host of other things. Even clear warnings about hell are becoming rare.

THE FIG AND THE FIG WASP (Friday Church News Notes, April 7, 2017,, 866-295-4143) - The following is from, Nov. 7, 2014: “Completely unrelated creatures that depend entirely upon one another to live and have no way of living without one another pose a very serious challenge to those who claim that all living things evolved. The relationship is called reciprocal altruism. One startling example is the relationship between the fig wasp and the fig tree. Male figs are not for eating; they produce the pollen to pollinate the sweet, juicy female fig. But the flower parts of both the male and female figs are inside the figs. There is no chance that the wind could spread pollen from the male to the female figs. And there is no other creature except the fig wasp that can transfer the pollen. Herein lies an incredible story. The fig wasp hatches from eggs inside the male fig, and its purpose in its short 24-hour life is to lay its eggs inside another male fig. The female wasp emerges from the male fig covered in pollen and is programmed to search among the female figs, thus fertilizing them, before laying its eggs inside a male fig and, thus, starting the cycle again. The fig wasp will only lay its eggs in the male fig while the female fig cannot be pollinated by any other method. Clearly, both the fig wasp and the fig tree were created for this special relationship.”

CONCLUSION: The Friday Church News Notes is designed for use in churches and is published by Way of Life Literature’s Fundamental Baptist Information Service. Unless otherwise stated, the Notes are written by David Cloud. Of necessity we quote from a wide variety of sources, but this obviously does not imply an endorsement. We trust that our readers will not be discouraged. It is God’s will that we know the times (1 Ch. 12:32; Mat. 16:3) and that we be as wise as serpents and harmless as doves. The News Notes remind us that the hour is very late, and we need to be ready for the Lord’s coming. Are you sure that you are born again? Are you living for Christ? “And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep: for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed. The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armour of light. Let us walk honestly, as in the day; not in rioting and drunkenness, not in chambering and wantonness, not in strife and envying. But put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make not provision for the flesh, to fulfil the lusts thereof” (Rom. 13:11-14).


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