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A Basic Bible Version Library
A Limited Message or a Limited Fellowship
A Private Prayer Language?
A Review of Rick Warren's "The Purpose Driven Life"
A Salute to Frank Garlock
A Survey of "Young Fundamentalists"
A Timeline of 20th Century Apostasy
A Visit to Saddleback Church
A Visit to the Vineyard Church, Anaheim, CA
A Visit to the World's Biggest Church
A Warning About Michael Pearl's No Greater Joy
A Warning About the Emerging Church and Robert Webber
Adulation of Man
All Things to All Men
Analyzing Lancaster Baptist Church's Music
Another Warning About Unquestioning Loyalty to Church Leaders
Apostasy and Textual Criticism
Are the Modern Versions Based on Westcott-Hort?
Are You a Baptist Brider or Local Church Only?
AT Robertson
Basil Pennington and Thomas Keating
Baskin-Robbins Christianity
BBFI Worldliness
Beatles and Contemporary Christian Music
Being a Friend of Sinners
Beware of "Spirit Slaying"
Beware of Abusive Pastors
Beware of Alleged Trips to Heaven
Beware of Alleged Visions of Jesus
Beware of Blue Like Jazz-
Beware of Brennan Manning
Beware of Brian McLaren
Beware of Henri Nouwen
Beware of John Eldredge
Beware of Spiritual Drunkenness
Beware of The Doctrine that Miracles Produce Faith
Beware of the Teenager Concept
Beware of Tony Campolo
Beware of Velvet Elvis
Bible Commentaries
Biblical Inspiration
Biblical Presuppositions on the Bible Version Issue
Biblical Repentance
Bill Gaither's Disobedience to God's Word
Billy Graham and Rome
Blind Followers of Men
Breaking Down Denominational Barriers
Bruce Lackey
C.S. Lewis's The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe
Calvary Chapel and Maranatha Music
Calvin's Camels
Calvinism's Proof Texts Examined
Can Any Man Be Saved?
Can We Keep the Kids?
Can We Know Sound Doctrine?
Carl Jung
CCM - Who is Converting Whom?
CCM and Homosexuality
CCM Groups Love Secular Rock
CCM Permeated with False Christs and False Gods
Chappell Warns About Hillsong While His Church Performs Hillsong
Characteristics and Philosophy of Rock Music
Characteristics of the Apostolic Churches
Charismatic Catholics Love Error
Charismatic Confusion in Evangelism
Charismatic Southern Baptists
Charismatic Style Worship: Getting High on Music
Christian Research Institute and Rome
Christian Rock Evangelism?
Church Fathers: A Door to Rome
Church Growth Movement: An Analysis of Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Growth Strategy
Confessions of a Former Worship Leader
Confusion About Spirit Slaying
Contemplative Practices are a Bridge to Paganism
Contemplative Spirituality: Dancing with Demons
Contemporary Christian Music and Rome
Contemporary Music Brings Great Changes
Contemporary Praise Music & the Internt
Country Music, a Safe Alternative?
Creation Museum: Many Infallible Proofs
Creation Science Ministries: Why The New Evangelical Principal is Dangerous
Creaton Science Videos
Dallas Willard
Dangers of Social NetworkingDangers of Social Networking
Dangers on Christian Radio
Darlene Zschech and Contemporary Praise Music
Dave Hunt's Powerful Refutation of CalvinismDave Hunt's Powerful Refutation of Calvinism
Delusions of Madame Guyon
Denominational Divisions are Doctrinal
Denominations Today
Dialogue or Separation?
Did Jesus Make Alcoholic Wine?
Did Luther Use Tavern Music?
Did Rome Forbid Vernacular Versions?
Did the Wesleys Use Tavern Music?
Differences Between the Received Text and the Westcott-Hort Greek Text
Do Animals Have Rights
Does Grace Only Liberate?
Dr. Garlock Misses an Important Point
Dynamic Equivalency: Its Influence and ErrorDynamic Equivalency: Its Influence and Error
Easy Prayerism or Bible Evangelism
Eat the Meat, Spit Out the Bones
Emerging Church and the Judgment of Matthew 25
Emerging Church Loves to Drink
Emerging Church Magnet for Rebels
Emerging Church- 21st Century Face of New Evangelism
Emerging Independent Baptists
End Times Confusion in St. Louis
Escaping Reality: The Danger of Role-Playing Games
Eternal Security and Problem Passages
Evangelical Leaders Sign Statement Proclaming God of Islam and God of Bible as "One God"
Evangelicals and Modernist Robert Schuller
Evangelicals and Mormons Together
Evangelicals Turning to Catholic Spirituality
Evolution and Genesis
Evolutionary Just-So Stories
Evolutionists in Love with Lucy
Examples of CCM Used at Lancaster Baptist Church
Forbid Them Not
Franklin Graham's Unscriptural Ecumenism
From Brother Cloud’s Heart - This Battle About West Coast in Perspective
From Evolution to Creation: The Testimony of Dr. Richard Lumsden
From Southern Baptist to Goddess Worship: Sue Monk Kidd
Fundamental Baptists and Quick Prayerism
Fundamentalism Is Not Enough
Fundamentalist is a Negative Person
Fundamentalists Adapting Contemporary Praise Music
Fundamentalists Drifting Toward New Evangelicalism
Gail Riplinger's Fertile Imagination
Gail Riplinger's Lies to Dr. and Mrs. D.A. Waite
Gail Riplinger's Slanders
Getty Townend and Contemporary Hymns
Glorifying Doubt
Graham Was Warned Many Times
Great River of Apostasy
Hard Nuts for Catholic Apologists
Hegelian Dialectics: The Devil's Winning Tool
History of the English Bible - Between Tyndale & KJV
History of the English Bible - The
History of the English Bible - William Tyndale
History of the English Bible - Wycliffe
Holiness: The False and the True
Home Schooling and the Local Church
How Christian Homes Produce Rock & Roll Rebels
How Contemporary Priase Transforms Churches
How Revelation 17 Pictures the Roman Catholic Church
How Rome Denies Salvation by Grace Alone
How to Avoid False Professions
How to Make Wise Decisions in God's Will
I Am Not Your Pastor
I Believe in Miracles
If Music is Neutral
Ignatius of Loyola and his Spiritual Disciplines
In Essentials Unity
Incarnational Doctrine
Infant Baptism
Insufficiency Error of the Fundamentalist Movement
Integrated Church and Vision Forum
Integrity Music's Foreign Spirit
Ipads, Kindles, eBooks and Way of Life Materials
Is Fundamentalism Merely a Belief in the Five Fundamentals?
Is It Persecution or Correction?
Is It Possible to be Saved Through Christ Without Believing in Christ?
Is It Right to Judge?
Is it Slanderous to Warn Publicly About Error?
Is It Wrong to Argue Over Christian Music Styles?
Is Love Contrary to Judging
Is the Bible the Sole Authority for Faith and Practice?
Is the Bible Version Issue Worth Fighting Over?
Is the Received Text Based on a Few Late Manuscripts?
Is the Roman Catholic Church Changing
Isn't the King James Bible too Difficult to Understand?
Isn't the Sincerity of the Musicians the Important Thing?
Jerry Falwell: The Billy Graham of Independent Baptists
Jesus Seminar
John Paul II: Mary's in Life and in Death
John Wimber and the Vineyard
Justification: James vs. Paul
King James Only
Kingdom of God
Kingdom of God: The Emerging Church vs. The Bible
Lancaster - Scooping and Sliding Video
Lancaster Baptist Church and Contemporary Worship
Lancaster Promoting Donald Whitney
Liberal Lutherans and Roman Catholics Agree to Deny the Gospel
Liberty and Fun
Looking for Gold Nuggets in a Manure Pile
Loving What Jesus?
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Materials that Expose the Danger of Adapting Music
Men of God Who Foresaw the Fruit of Modern Texts and Versions
Michael Pearl's Duplicity
Modern Texts and Versions Have Produced the Fruit of Theological Modernism
Monarch Butterfly
Most Baptist Churches Do Not Exercise Church Discipline
Mother Teresa's False Hope
Musical Associations and CCM Adaption
My Challenge to Fundamentalists Who Have Adopted Textual Criticism
My Position on the King James Bible
MySpace or God's?
Neglected Church Discipline
New Age in Health Care
New Baptist Covenant
New Evangelicalism
Next Generation Rocking at Lancaster Baptist Church
Normal Literal Method of Interpreting Bible Prophecy
Norman Vincent Peale
Not Forsaking the Assembly
Old Preachers Tales
Old Time Fundamentalists Who Defended the King James Bible
On Doubting Salvation
Pastors Authority
Patch the Pirate Warnings Hold True
Paul Chappell Misses the Fundamental Point
Paul Chappell's Pragmatism
Pensacola's A Beka Promoting Catholic Mystics
Pentecost Vs. Hylescost
Pentecostal-Charismatic Tongues Vs. the Bible
Pentecostalism, Experience and Scripture
Proper Discipline of the Child
Protestant Persections
Questions Answered About Repentance
Rachel Carson, the Mother of the Environmental Movement
Recent Pentecostal Scandals
Reference Bibles
Repentance and Lordship Revisited
Repentance and Lordship Salvation
Reply to a Lancaster Supporter
Reply to a Pastor About West Coast
Reply to a Southern Baptist Preacher
Reviving a Church That is Lukewarm Toward Evangelism
Richard Foster Evangelical Sparkplug
Rick Warren Affirms Commitment to SBC
Rick Warren And Bill Hybels Join the World's AIDS Bandwagon
Rick Warren Asks "Why Be Divisive?"
Rick Warren Doesn't Mention Jesus Once While Preaching to Jews
Rick Warren Gives Unscriptural Rules for Church Music
Rick Warren Joins Hands with World Baptist Alliance
Rick Warren Likens Biblical Fundamentalists to Muslim Extremists and Atheistic Secularists
Rick Warren Preached No Gospel
Rick Warren Predicts a "New Reformation"
Rick Warren Says Fundamentalism Will be Great Enemy
Rick Warren Teams Up with Alpha International
Rick Warren Tells Pastors to Get Rid of Troublemakers
Rick Warren's Duplicity in Regard to Fundamentalism
Rick Warren's Evil Associations
Rick Warren's Global Vision, Purple Haze, and New Age Association
Rick Warren's Ignorance About Fundamentalism
Rick Warren's Interfaith Cooperation
Rick Warren's Judge Not Ecumenism
Rick Warren's Message in the Ladies Home Journal
Rick Warren's PEACE Plan
Rick Warren's Youth Pastor Associated with Eastern Meditative Practices
Rob Bell's New God
Rock Group U2
Roman Catholic Heresies Documented
Roman Catholic Mass: A Mystical Powerhouse
Roman Catholics In Love With Eastern Religions
Rome's Mary on the Cross
Rome's Persecution of the Bible
Sabbath Yesterday and Today
Saddleback Church Rocking and Rolling
Saddleback Church Statement of Faith: Shallow and Heretical
Scientists Who Believe the Bible
Scripture Demands Strict Biblicism
Second Pagan Invasion
Seven Keys to Fruitful Church Membership
Seventh Day Adventism
Shooting Their Own Wounded
Should We Use Fleeces Today?
Silence vs. The Silence
Some Independent Baptists Rocking in Australia
Some Independent Baptists Rocking in Australia Links
Southern Gospel Music
Spirit Vs. The Letter
Straining at Gnats
Strange History of Pentecostalism
Strange Things in New Orleans
Study the Bible Dispensationally
Suggested Sacred Music Recordings
Supreme Court Shakes it's Fist at God
Sword of the Lord's Smokescreen About Repentance
Taking the Fire Out of Hell
Ten Tips for Daily Bible Reading
Testimones of KJV Defenders - Dr. Donald Waite
Testimones of KJV Defenders - Bruce Lackey
Testimones of KJV Defenders - Clinton Branine
Testimones of KJV Defenders - Don Jasmin
Testimones of KJV Defenders - Edward F. Hills
Testimones of KJV Defenders - Everett Fowwler
Testimones of KJV Defenders - ian Paisley
Testimones of KJV Defenders - Mark Buch
Testimones of KJV Defenders - Philip Mauro
Testimones of KJV Defenders - Thomas Strouse
Testimones of KJV Defenders - Trinitarian Bible Society
Testimones of KJV Defenders - William Aberharrt
Textual Criticism Drawns from the Wells of Infidelity
The Bible's Amazing Scientific Accuracy
The Bible's Proof
The Fruit of Hylesism
The Most Amazing Artifact in Israel Today
The Problem With New Age Bible Versions
The Shack's Cool God
The Value of Church History
Third Generation Baptist Preacher Committed to Emerging Church
Thomas Merton: The Catholic Buddhist Mystic
Todd Bentley and the Lakeland Outpouring
Tolkien and the Lord of the Rings
Touch Not the Lord's Anointed
Trilobite's Defiance of the Theory of Evolution
True Christian Unity
UN and the New Age
Ungodly Fruit of Modern Textual Criticism
Unitarianism and the Modern Bible Versions
United Bible Societies and Rome
Unplug the Family From Hollywood
Unquestioning Loyalty to Pastoral Leadership the Mark of a Cult
Unregeneracy and the Bible Societies
Unscriptural Presentations of the Gospel
Using Creation Science Materials
Vatican II Council Reaffirms Catholic Heresies
Visit to a Southern Baptist Seminary
Visit to the National Quartet Convention
Visits to Rome
Visualization or Imaginative Prayer
Was Mother Teresa a True Christian?
What About Erasmas?
What About Gail Riplinger's New Book
What About Hyper-Calvinism?
What About Love?
What About Peter Ruckman?
What About the New King James Version
What Can Women do for the Lord
What if There Is No Strong Church
What is Balance?
What is Gossip?
What is Independent Baptist?
What Is Wrong With Soft Rock?
What Rights Will Others Lose
What Rock Music Did For Me
What the Roman Catholic Church Teaches About Salvation
Whats Missing in Paul Chappell's Report
Whats Wrong With Most Soul Winning Courses
When Did Graham's Compromise Begin?
When Is Alternative Health Care Dangerous?
Who Art Thou That Judgeest?
Who Says Jesus Christ is God?
Why Aim Warnings at Lancaster?
Why Are People Deluded By Charismatic Error?
Why Did Jesus Die?
Why Do You Focus on Negative
Why Do You Need The Way of Life Encyclopedia?
Why Doesn't John 3:16
Why Don't You Follow Matthew 18?
Why Don't You Stop Computing & Do Soul Winning?
Why I'm Not a Southern Baptist
Why The New Evangelical Principle is Dangerous
Why We Are Opposed to CCM
World Council of Churches
Worldwide Flood
Wycliffe Bible Translators: A Warning
You Don't Understand Roman Catholicism
You Legalist