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Does it matter how a Christian dresses?

The Bible has much to say about clothing issues, but it seems very few Christians today are listening. In this book and video series, David Cloud delves deeply into the issue of clothing.

One reader said: “I finished reading ‘Dressing for the Lord’ this morning, and Sir, you have hit the nail right on the head! This is the best and most comprehensive work I've ever seen on the dress issue; praise God! The book is super and really needs to be read by Christian men and women the world over.”
To lay a solid Bible foundation for modesty, we give a careful exegesis of about 25 key Bible passages from Genesis to 1 John, and from these Scriptures we develop Bible principles that can be applied to any nation or culture.

The chapter titles include “The Origin of Clothing, “Clothing Is a Language,” “The Captains of the Fashion Industry,” “Isn’t This Basically the Man’s Problem?” “Bible Guidelines for Clothing,” “A Study on Biblical Modesty,” “Worldliness and the Christian’s Dress,” “Pants and the Christian Woman,” “Pushing the Edge on Dress Standards,” Questions Answered on the Issue of Christian Dress,” “Testimonies from Christian Women on the Issue of Modest Dress,” “Survey of Men on the Subject of Women’s Dress,” and “Sources for Ready-made Modest Clothing.”

The section on “QUESTIONS ANSWERED” deals with 36 common challenges, such as:
“Since God looks on the heart, why be so concerned about appearance?”
“Men are going to sin anyway, so what is the big deal?”
“Shouldn’t we just teach the Bible and let the Holy Spirit deal with this issue?”
“I believe dress standards just produce pride and hypocrisy”;
“As an older woman I don’t think the modesty issue is very significant for me”;
“God is the business of changing hearts, which is more important than dress”;
“I am not personally convicted about dressing the way you describe”;
“Should women only wear drab sack dresses?”
“I wear pants because there are many things I can’t do in a dress”;
“In Bible times both men and women wore robes”; “I only wear feminine pants”;
“Preachers that preach against pants are mean-spirited and just want to dictate”;
“Wearing dresses is old-fashioned and we should not be weird”;
“Those who preach against pants on women are legalistic”;
“Some pants are more modest than some dresses”;
“What about the issue of modesty in other cultures?”
“What about tattoos and piercings?”
“Isn’t the sincerity of the heart the important thing?”